SYNOPSES OF INCIDENTS from 1.1.74 to 2.5.74


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The opportunists tried in the past, are trying at present and will try even in future, to fulfil their narrow desires by keeping the human race disunited. By severely reproaching this opportunistic craftiness through your noble deeds, you draw nigh the unknown strangers living far away and build a healthy world-based human – family. Ignoring the frown of the brute forces, the sky-kissing arrogance, hypocrisy, immorality and glib outbursts of the conceited persons, you go ahead towards your cherished goal.

The blessings of Parama Puruśa shall be with you alone.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti



Synopses of Incidents Took Place in Patna

With Effect From 1.1.74 to 2.5.74

1.1.74: DMS was held at Gaya being addressed by Ac. Dasarath ji.

7.1.74: Bomb incident took place in Patna at Collectorate campus – police raided the Central Office but found no incriminating thing – and without showing any reason arrested following 12 persons:

Ac Keshvananda Avadhuta, Ac Satyaparananda Avadhuta, Ac Lokeshvananda, Ac Nityabodhananda Avadhuta, Ac. Pravirananda Avadhuta, Ac. Keshav kumar. Ac. Niranjan Brahmacari, shrii Chandrabhanuji, Shri Dilip kumar, Sanjay BRahmacarii, Sukhendu Brahmacarii and Shri Babulal.

9.1.74: Police raided the central office again, including all other units of Marga, early in the morning and 8 more workers were arrested. They are:-

Ac Jagadishvarananda Avadhuta, Ac. Maetrayana Brahmacarii, Ac. Loakdhiishananda Avadhuta, karnail Singh, Kesha Mule, Jagadhishji, Parshuram and Vijay kumar.

In between the 7th and 9th January all central workers were forcibly taken to custody. Even more a single man was left to look after the Office and properties. The Govt. was in vindictive mood to paralyse the Organization in the country.

10.1.74: Again the Office was raided; tape recorders, valuable books, Office documents and many other things were looted by the police and some unknown rowdies – Almirahs and other furniture were thrown outside the building – office was forcibly occupied by the house-owner dishonouring the previous agreement made with the authorities of the Mission.

9.1.74: With a view to arresting the progressive speed of the Organization the Police under the secret instruction of C.B.I seized the following vehicles from the Central Office:

One Jeep – one Station Wagon – One Vicky Motor Cycle

They also took with them Type-writer machines, Tapes and Tape recorders without leaving any seizure list to the Office bearer of the organization.

14.1.74: Gour Mazumder (Ex-Madhavananda) was granted fresh pardon by the District Magistrate, Mr. R.N. Dash.

30.1.74: The hearing of the bail application on behalf of Shri Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar was adjourned to be rejected subsequently by Mr. Justice J. Narain in the Patna High Court.

10.274 : In a two page-press-note the state Govt. of Bihar said that Shri Ananda Murti Ji and His Followers would be responsible if His health is adversely affected by His long fast.

12.2.74 : Gour Mazumder(Ex-Madhavananda) made a long six-hour confessional statement before Mr.J.K. Sharma, 1st Class Magistrate, Patna. The confession was made in a closed-door room under heavy Police guard.

12.2.74 : Patna High Court refused to sanction bail to Shri Ananda Murti Ji

14.2.74 : Baba’s Physical condition deteriorated to an alarming state. HE felt unbearable pain in all the joints of His two hands, and He complained an irregular blood circulation in His right leg.

1.3.74: His condition became more serious. He started using pan lying on His bed has HE couldn’t move.

5.3.74: Ac. Anindyananda Avadhuta, D.S. Patna was seriously attacked and stabbed by four miscreants and they looted more than 9000 rupees kept for relief centres of Patna.

6.3.74 : Baba became completely bed-ridden.

9.3.74 : His condition was so serious that the jail authorities urgently called the Civil Surgeon, Patna ( Mr. A.K.Acarya) to check His health. His blood pressure went down to 60-100.

16.3.74: Historic meeting of Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti Ji with four leading M.P’s (Mr Atal Bihari Bajpayee, J.S.; Mr. Samar Guha. ; Mr. Prasanna Bhai Mehata, Cong. O; Mr.Shyamalal Yadav, B.K.D. in Bankipur Jail.

21.3.74 : (a) Mr. Yogendra Sharma (C.P.I) gave a false statement in Rajya Sabha that Ananda Marga was behind the present disturbance in Bihar. But he could not show any proof to substantiate his allegation.

(b) Baba was seriously attacked with diarrhea. (C)

Ananda Marga came in picture in the debate of Parliament.

22.3.74 : (i) HE stopped even taking Horlicks for stomach trouble.

(ii) Ac Sujitanandajii was released from Bankipur Central Jail. He was arrested on 9.4.73 on self-immolation case and transferred to Bankipur Jail from Fuwari camp jail on 11.4.73.

24.3.74 : Ac Atulananda Avadhuta was transferredto Bankipur Central Jail to look after Baba.

25.3.74 Five margiis were arrested by Bihar Police in connection with recent agitation all over Bihar state. They are:- Shri Dilip kumar, Sankar Dubey, Bhavatosh Brahmacarii, Manas Mohan, Surjit kumar and Ashimananda Avadhuta.

30.3.74 : In a memorandum to Mrs. Gandhi 116 MP’s belonging to Cong (R) and C.P.I demanded a ban on Ananda Marga.

4.4.74 : The matter of M.P’s meeting with Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti Jii in Patna Jail was raised in Parliament and a hot exchange of words and uproar prevailed for sometime among some leading members like Shri Madhu Limaye and Mrs Indira Gandhi and Uma Sankar Diksit.

29.4.74: The Congress Working Committee attacked Ananda Marga as fascist force in its resolution which was prepared by Dr. D.P.Dhar, Mr.Chandrasekhar, Mr.Chandrajit Yadav passed by C.W.C.

2.5.74: Ac Keshvananda Avadhuta, Ac. Jagadishvarananda Avadhuta and Shankar Dubey were released from Fulwari Sharif Jail.

6.5.74: The Indian Nation, a daily from Patna published the following news:-

“A conference on ‘Secular Democracy’ will be held here on May 16. The conference will discuss, among other things, the growing influence of Ananda Marga…. On Youths and remedies to curb it. About one thousand delegates from different  parts of the state are expected to Participate, according to Mr. Atma Deo Singh, the convener of the conference”.

17.5.74: A Writ petition under Article 25 was filed in the High Court of Calcutta. Justice P.K.Banerjee admitted the writ and issued a rule against the Govt. of Bihar on the ground of Publishing a malafide advertisement about Ananda Marga in Patna Dailies.