COMMUNISM(corrected from another source)


10 April, 1988, Calcutta, INDIA

(Shabda Caynika, Part 16)

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After hearing hollow lectures on economics or philosophy, some people are inclined to think that these ideas or theories will be able to bring about the economic liberation of the people and unite them.

Without creating any incentive to work – that is, without creating any inspiration or interest amongst people for work – these theories only view people in terms of necessity.

They do not give any special value to people’s efficiency.

Moreover, those who propagate empty slogans and deliver superficial talks based on these ideas encourage artificial distinctions among human beings.

Whenever there is a slight blow to the sentiments of those who encourage these artificial differences, they claim that they are engaged in political activities and therefore should not be punished for their social crimes.

Many people blindly follow so-called religious dogma. I have already told you that a collection of “dogma”, is called an “ism” and a collection of “isms” a “Religion”.

In a relative sense “religion” means “DHARMA”, but in strict philosophical language “religion” and “DHARMA” are not Synonymous.

A religion is not merely a collection of subtle ideas about unit consciousness, universal consciousness and the manifest world.

It also contains dogmatic ideas concerning social, economic and political issues which, in themselves, also sounds like a religion or “ism”.

Just as religious often impart defective teachings to human beings and goad them to communal conflict, particular “isms” cause human beings to degenerate to the level of animality in the name of class struggle.



10 July 1988, Calcutta, INDIA

(Shabda Caynika, Part 17)

The word aca’laka means DHARMA or righteousness.

Dharma does not deviate from its original path, but human beings do deviate.

Sometimes human beings go beyond the domain of Dharma and bring great harm upon themselves and society due to misguided intellect, defective philosophies, evil company or faulty guidance.

Recently you may have noticed that Marxists sometimes shout at the top of their voices and cry themselves hoarse to proclaim that they don’t accept dharma.

Of course, when they say Dharma they mean religion because they don’t know anything about real Dharma, which is different from religion.

Now they have been caught in the trap of their confused philosophy, and their leaders have also been caught in the same trap.

Their philosophy is so faulty and defective that under its defective teachings they liquidated hundreds of thousands of simple, innocent people on flimsy charges without even the pretense of a trial. Was this sort of extermination a humanitarian act?

This bestial genocide occurred because Marxists had deviated and become completely estranged from the path of dharma.

Today such people deserve severe condemnation. It is a shear waste of public waste public money to build huge monuments and memorials or construct roads in memory of these people.

These hypocrites keep repeating the sweet slogans of democracy like parrots, just for public consumption, until they grab political power in a country. Once they have grabbed political power, they unscrupulously throw democracy in the dustbin and without any hesitation grind subtle human sensibilities and higher human values to dust under the steamroller of a ruthless party dictatorship.