PROCESS OF HUMAN PROGRESS{purely Original discourse – corrected from different source}
Speech given as President of Renaissance Universal on 31/12/1978 at Patna, INDIA

The subject of discourse is, “Process of Human Progress”.
Many days ago, it was said that progress in reality is in the spiritual field.
Elsewhere there is no real progress.
What we call “progress” in worldly terminology is not progress.
In human species, the modern man has not advanced farther then the primitive man.
The primitive man tried to go ahead and progress in the spiritual sphere, the modern man is doing the same and the future man will do the same.
But there is a difference between pre-historic man and modern man. Both are not identical.

Behind human progress and human endeavor there is only one reason – the desire to get Ananda (Bliss).
Motivated by the desire to get bliss, when man start moving, then they see that there are many imperfections in them.
All men desire to fight against imperfections, continue to move from imperfection towards perfection and reach the goal.
The man started the fight against imperfections, motivated by the desire to attain bliss.
Men did not know how to proceed.
Man’s existence is – physical body, psychic body and spiritual body.
Man’s efforts started in physical body, physical world and psychic world. Why?
Because for him the spiritual world was hidden far away.
In that dark age, not knowing where to search, it was impossible to proceed in that (spiritual world).
When man wanted to proceed in the physical world, what happened?
Inter-cellular clash happened in their body. Man’s body is made up of different types of shells or sheaths. When man wanted to establish his life in the external world, then on account of the pressure on nerves, a clash started in the cells, and because of this clash, a change came in men.
And because of this there was a change there was a change in man’s external body, and this change is continuing and shall continue to take place, such that it will not be possible for modern man to recognize man of the future.
There will be so much change because when man of the present class evolved from ape-from animal of the monkey species, it was impossible at that time to imagine that man’s body would become like this.
There will also be a big change between today’s man and the man of the future, the difference will be so immense that it will be difficult to recognize.

By this process, to change by inter-cellular clash, the man has not progressed, has not advanced in spiritual world, and their progress was not real progress. This is understandable, but we have also to understand that this change is also not without cause. It also has a significance, it certainly has a special value.
Maybe it does not have an absolute value, but it has a relative value, and this change, this transformation will be called Karma Yoga.
According to Ananda Marga exposition this is true “Karma Yoga”. This cannot be dis-regarded.
Then what happened for change in the psychic world?
When man decided that he will not fight against external imperfections but will fight against internal imperfections, in other words to establish victory over imperfection, they will not have an external fight, but will fight internally, that is continue to fight for mental development, then a mental change came. Why?
Because they wanted that. They wanted to mode themselves according too a new pattern.
For that modification what did they have to do?
They had to bring about a transformation in the mind, and for this transformation what happened?
An internal clash between nerve cells and nerve fibres started. On account of this clash there was a transformation in nerve cells and nerve fibres also. Because of transformation in nerve cells and nerve fibres there was a subtle physical change, though nerve cells and nerve fibres are connected with mind, they are made up of crude substance.
Hence this clash against mental imperfections, by mental change, which was started by men in ancient times and which is being continued even today, and shall continue even in the future, can be called, “Jinana-Marga”.
According to Ananda Marga thought that which brings about such cellular change of difference, we can call, “Jinana Yoga”.
Other efforts cannot be called Jinana Yoga.
So according to our view, though there is no absolute value of Karma Yoga and Jinana Yoga, but there is certainly a worldly and a relative value.
Now let us see if man has done anything else in his fight against imperfections?
Yes, something else was done.
Man saw that there were many imperfections in the external world, and there were even more imperfections in the psychic world. Those men who were more wise, may be or may not be more learned, they saw a limited man and the psychic potentialities of a limited man.
In such a condition how much can he progress by this type of fight?
Even if he can progress it will take him crores of years – crores of lives.
To wait for such a long time was not, is not and will not be possible for a man. Then man thought if by collecting all their psychic propensities, if they were to merge with an immense power, then their imperfections by merging with that immense power, would not remain imperfections, will not be called imperfections.
In that condition, men will attain perfection and those psychic in-capacities, which are present in the path of attaining perfection, will be removed.
This path of the wise men was adopted by men many years ago – eight to ten thousand years ago.
These wise men whether they were learned or not, whether they were Karma Yogins or not, whether they were Jinana Yogins or not, they were wise, and two thousand years ago, what their approach was, that their path was, that is called “Bhakti”(Cult of Devotion).
So these were the wise men, the wisest men of the human species.
But these Karma Yogins and Jinana Yogins, those who are guided by actional philosophy and those who are guided by the intellectualities, though they were less wise than the Bhaktas, but whatever they did also had some value.
I said that in spiritual world, there may not be much value, but in the relative world the value remains. So their greatest utility was that in the actual time, when Karma Yoga and Jinana Yoga were in vogue. At that time, whatever time it took for a man to understand that “Bhakti-Marga” is the only path; today because of developed “Karma Yoga” – because of change in physical structure, and because of developed “Jinana Yoga” – because of physical and cellular change, the men will take less time to understand that Bhakti is the only path.
Today’s man will take less time to understand this, than this time taken by ancient man to understand this fact.
This is the greatest utility of “Karma Yoga” and “Jinana Yoga”.
In other words, Karma Yoga & Jinana Yoga, have both jointly made the cult of Bhakti strong.