On the 4th Feb, Ac. Nityanandaji was forcibly picked up by police and Sri Satish kumar at once took his place and started his fast with the same spirit of his predecessor. But a few days after Satishji also was arrested and still he is continuing his fast inside the Jail. But this movement could not be stopped by their arrests.


Now Sri Ashoka kumar is continuing his fast publicly in front of the Governor’s house at Patna.


Meanwhile, Ac Sambhavananda Avadhuta, Ac. Satyananda Avadhuta and Ac. Vinayananda Avadhuta have started fast from 10th February’ 72 for indefinite period of time inside the Patna Central Jail. They all were arrested by C.B.I in different dates, on different concoted ground and from different places.

These brave and true followers of Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti Ji are fighting for a great cause putting their lives at stake. The God only knows what will be the end of their movement but the Conscience of rational mind expects the immediate dawning of good sense on the head of Govt. authority, otherwise about a dozen of Pious human lives will meet a Premature death.

Ac Divyananda Avadhuta and two other Margiis are in fast up to death before house, at the Prime Minister, New Delhi. [there is photo, I have to scan]

While the Govt. administration is reluctantly moving to finalize the issue of Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti ji the Judiciary also is stepping its cautious feet in its usual go-slow rhythm, then the ten ardent devotees of Shri Shrii Ananda Murti ji have started fast unto death in different places of the Country with their following legitimate demands –

(1) Immediate and unconditional bail of Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti Ji.

(2) Cessation of harassments and tortures by C.B.I on the workers and the followers of Ananda Marga.

(3) Stop of inhuman treatment with the workers who are under the custody of C.B.I etc.

Among the 10 persons Ac. Nityananda Avt has started his fast from 20 January 1972 in front of the Governor’s house at Patna and he was arrested on 4th Feb, by local police. The doctor’s report sounded the danger of his physical condition and he was thrown into jail on that day, the police authority tried to feed him forcibly but he refused to take any food. The gallant and unyielding Nityanandaji is still continuing his fast unto death.


Ac Divyananda Avadhuta, Sri Khecharu kumar Singh and Sri Jai Ram – these persons have started their fast unto death in front of Prime Minister’s house at New Delhi from 30 January 1972. Ac Divyananda ji is continuing his fast with his unbending Vow – “Do or Die.”