ISM AND DOGMA[corrected from the Notes on Social and Spiritual Philosophy]

Shrii Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

13 April, 1988, Calcutta, INDIA

{here in this below discourse, Beloved Baba is revealing some facts about Microvita, but the idiot editors of AM publication whoever have done this sort of distortion in the whole discourse other than Microvita, has to keep vigilance line by line of any discourse of Beloved Baba…. go through}

A collection of dogma is called an “ism.”

Where there is no logic and reason, dogma arises, whatever form it may take.

Isms go beyond their small periphery, when they are permeated by feelings for humanity – and not only humanity, but for all living beings.

The gigantic dinosaurs of the past and the tiny ants of today both have the same existential value.

Whatever human beings have to do, they must do for all creatures, including the largest animals and the tiniest insects, because microvita makes no difference or finds no difference amongst different living beings.

In living beings with complex structures there are different glands and sub-glands which secrete different types of hormones.

Microvita develops, invigorate, increase and decrease the hormones secretion of these glands and sub-glands.

Therefore developed beings – physically and psychologically complex beings – have more scope to progress through the aid of Microvita than undeveloped creatures.

This is the difference between the effect of Microvita on developed and undeveloped creatures.

Let us take an example. On a moonlit night, light is showered equally on one and all, but not everyone can utilize that light properly.

The moon cannot be blamed for this.

Microvita emanating from the Cosmic factor are for one and all.

An Ism may be accepted by all only where there is no physical bar, no psychic hindrance and no spiritual barrier whatsoever in the periphery of that ism.

We have a book called “The Liberation of Intellect – Neo-Humanism”, which is based on a new idea. The term “ism” has been used keeping this is in mind.

Any narrow ism may be transformed into universalism and accepted by all only when all physical barriers, psychic hindrances and spiritual impediments have been removed from the periphery of that ism. This is a new idea which I have explained in the book called “The Liberation of Intellect – Neo-humanism.” The term “Neo-humanism” has been used in that book keeping this new idea in mind.

You have to utilize all your skills to elevate all creation. You have to think for all, plan for all and act for all.

From the Absolute perspective there is no difference between one person and another, between human beings and non-living beings.

You cannot draw a line of distinction between movable and immovable objects.

Not even a branch of a tree is useless – it has feelings of pleasure and pain.

We should only cut the branch of a tree when it is absolutely necessary.

Just as you have the right to live, so do others.

The life of others is as important to them as your life is to you; another man’s life is, as important to him as my life is to me.

You should keep this idea in your mind when you think of others.

Similarly, the life of a goat is as important to it as my life is to me.

Sometimes innocent goats are killed in religious sacrifice to some goddess while other goats chew leaves and watch with wide-eyed fear. The remaining goats become petrified as they know they will shortly meet the same fate.

Put yourself in the same situation.

Imagine that a few demons have confined you along with 10 or 15 others, and are feeding you rice and pulse.

Then, they start slaughtering everybody systematically, one after another.—

The reaction in the minds of the people waiting to be butchered is the same as the reaction experienced by the goats.

If people still want to kill innocent goats in their religious sacrifices even after realizing the cruelty of their actions, there is nothing more anyone can say to them.

Hypocrites’ Dogma, not direct dogma, is behind all such religious practices. Many people follow dogma unknowingly – they dogma because it is written in the scriptures, or because their ancestors followed a particular practice, etc.

But there are also many dogmas which people follow knowingly.

When people know something is dogma and still follow it, this is called hypocrites’ dogma.

For example, when people sacrifice a goat or buffalo before a deity chanting “Mother, mother!” to the deity, they know that the goat or buffalo is also the offspring of that deity, but still they slaughter the animal.

Take another example: If a man kills his brother before his mother, will it please his mother? No, it won’t.

The difference between these two examples is that the deity cannot do anything to stop the slaughter, while the mother can, otherwise the deity would interfere and stop the cruel and useless sacrifice.

Mon tomáre bhram gelaná

Kali kemana tái ceye dekhlená

Jagatke kháoáchen je má

Diye kata khádya nána

Oh mind! You are not free from your mistakes. You are not yet aware of the true nature of the Divine Mother. Would you feed the Divine Mother, who is feeding the entire universe with nutritious food, with dried rice and cooked gram?

Would you decorate the Divine Mother, who is decorating the world with costly jewels, with imitation ornaments?

During the Durga Puja festival some images are decorated with clay and tinsel ornaments and are known as d́áker gahaná.

Ramprasad says, “Oh mind, just worship the deity with holy chants mixed with your devotion.

It is useless to perform worship with showy devotion and ornaments because the Divine Mother does not accept bribes from anyone.”

While some knowingly indulge in hypocrites’ dogma, most people indulge in dogma unknowingly.

People are told: “You should not do this because it is a sin; it is forbidden in the scriptures. If you do not follow the path I have suggested, your family will be ruined.”

If rational people challenge these illogical ideas, a priest may retort that he had a dream in which the Divine Mother appeared before him and said so many things to justify his position. This is all Dogma.