Reply to the first scandalous article of


16 JANUARY 1972

We hereby draw your attention to Mr. A. Raghavan’s article on Ananda Marga in the 8th January(1972) issue of the “Blitz”.

While reading the article, everyone will inevitably conclude that the writer is extremely prejudicial and hostile towards Ananda Marga, otherwise he would not have drawn without verification on the totally false and baseless allegations brought against the organization by some persons who have been expelled from the organization for their gross misconduct and indisciplined behavior.

For the sake of Truth and public interest, I am bound to contradict those malicious charge, deliberately inflicted on the Marga by Mr. Raghavan.

The writer have malignantly stamped Ananda Marga as a “crypto-fascist” organization without narrating the cause of such bitter attack.

Fascism implies a blood-hound political force blind with racial vanity, falsely inspired by a narrow national sentiment, with brute military might as its source of strength.

To the contrary, Ananda Marga is a socio-spiritual organization with a universal philosophy, which discards racial vanity, national ego, and brute militarism.

It unequivocally advocates universal brotherhood and renders social services, as in natural calamities, propagates spiritualism, and encourages aesthetic tastes in humanity.

By all accounts it is definitely a benevolent organization dedicated to the cause of the suffering humanity.

“Castesim”, according to Ananda Marga, is a curse to human society. It is wrong to misinterpret the four psychological classifications of people in Ananda Marga Philosophy (Shudra, Ksatriya, Vaeshya, Vipra) as Casteism.

These classifications are not to divide the society, but to recognize the psychic peculiarities of every individual and utilize them accordingly.

Ananda Marga has no political wing like “Prout”.

Ananda Marga opines that spiritualism cannot flourish extensively without a congenial socio-economic environment.

“Prout” is a theory, not a political wing.

“Prout” actually stands for Progressive Utilization Theory”.

This mission is not an aristocrat’s club exclusively reserved for big businessmen, customs collectors, or revenue intelligence men. Being a non-sectarian socio-spiritual mission, as that of Swami Vivekananda, it is always open to all, high or low, rich or poor, Hindus or Muslims, Buddhists or Christians.