In 1962 when BA’BA’ was still in Jamalpur.

Bábá told one family ÁCÁRYA from Ranchi that Ba’ba’ was thinking to make a model community to the world.

Bábá told the ÁCÁRYA to search for some place near the border of Bengal and Bihar.

Bábá said, that land is highly spiritually vibrated due to the sádhaná of numerous Rśis and Saints.

There we would build our Headquarters and one day shift our Central Office.

The ÁCÁRYA had studied in Jhalda in his youth, and still had a friend in Purulia who know a Landlord and previous Raja of the area named Raghunandan Singh Deo.

Several of us went to visit him.

He lived like a SANNYÁSII – he had long hair, and in his whole life he had never worn shoes.

When we arrive he said, “I have been dreaming for the last three nights that a SANNYÁSII in orange robes would come and ask for a donation of land.”

Raghunandan Singh Deo { after who Raghunandan Diihi at Ananda Nagar is named } went on to explain that recently the zamindari (Landlord) system had been abolished and he had either to lose his land to the government or donate it for some charitable purpose.

He had wanted to give it to charity, and was hoping that someone would come to him that he might donate it to.

So when we came, he was very happy to see us !

A few days later, the original area of Ananda Nagar, 133 acres, was registered in the name of ÁNANDA MÁRGA.



(Marga Gurudeva, in one of HIS evening sittings under the Bilva tree talked about the above topic. HE also made reference to the age of the Earth, the huge animals of that time, the age of Palamu hills (this is the present name) which is to the South of Ananda Nagar and many other awesome point produced hereunder. The conversation got started when one of us asked him the meaning of the “Austrico-Negroid blening” which He had just said while telling about the santhla and Munde tribes. These two tribes are Austrico-tribes – Editor, PANORAMA (weekly newspaper of PROUTIST universal Madras diocese) Dec & Jan 1983-84.

The Earth was a ball of fire some 800 crore years ago. Almost 230 crore years ago it came to the stage of having portions of land. Man was evolved as later as 10 lakh years from today. Then much time passed before man started becoming civilized. Man’s Journey on the path of civilization started only 10 thousand years ago. This we can infer from the fact that man at this stage had started evolving a language.  The older part of the Veda s belong to this period – this we can say by noticing the similarity between the language used in the oldest part of the Vedas and the languages of the people living in the age of 10 thousand years from today. Vaedic civilization is the oldest civilization in the world – some 10 thousand years old.

The hills of Ananda Nagar are now atleast 60 crores in age. That time there was no Himalaya. In the ancient Gondwana land of which Rarh was a part had no North Indian portion of today. There was no Arabian Sea, no Bay of Bengal and none of the islands. It was all a continous land and the present Africa was a part of it.

   In India there was the Austrico race. The negroid race came from the other regions (it was all a continous land). The Austrico Negroid blending took place in the region which today we call South India. The blended Austrico-Negroid race was given the name “Dravir’a Race”.

   Then atleast 8 thousand years from today there occurred an earth quake of terrible nature and the land in the portions where now are Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea went down to form the sea. In the same earthquake the present North India came up. Those parts which previously were hills(In the region of the present sea) became islands in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea after the earth-quake.