An Extract from Loksabha Proceeding

Sub: – Fast undertaken by Shrii Shrii Ananda Murtiji in Bankipur Jail, Patna;

No. of Question: – 7022, asked by Sri Samar Guha:

Answered on: – 17th April, 1974 by Dy. Home Minister Mr. F. H. Mohsin.


Will the Minister of Home Affairs be pleased to state:

(a) Whether letters have been addressed to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister in regard to the partial fast undertaken by Shrii P.R.Sarkar, generally known as Shri Ananda Murti, in the Bankura Jail in Patna;

(b) If so, to the facts thereabout;

(c) Doctor’s report about his condition; and

(d) Whether Government will take a sympathetic view for giving him necessary facilities as an undertrial prisoner and if so, the facts thereabout?




(a) to (d) : Ananda Margis and their supporters have  been addressing communications to the Prime Minister and other high dignitaries alleging illtreatment of Shri Sarkar by the authorities of the jail and deterioration in His health. They have also been demanding the withdrawal of the cases against Him and His unconditional release from jail. Shri Sarkar has been persistently refusing medical check up and treatment by the Government doctors and even facility of medical examination by a non-official doctor of his choice.

From the 9th March 1974 for a few days, He allowed Himself to be medically examined, but again refused medical examination from the 13th March, 1974. On the 24th March, 1974 the Civil Surgeon reported that Shri Sarkar looked better and cheerful although he did not subject Himself to medical examination. Shri Sarkar and several others are facing charges of conspiracy and murder. HE is being treated as an upper division prisoner. The State Government have given Him all the facilities permissible under the Bihar Jail Manual rules for prisoners of His class.

Rejoinder to the reply of Dy. Home Minister

Rejoinder issued by Public Relations Department of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha to the reply given by Shri F.H. Mohasin Dy. Minister in the Ministry of Home affairs on the 17th of April, 1974 in the Lok Sabha in response to the unstarred question No. 7022 raised by Shri Samar Guha.

Ananda Murtiji has been fasting in Bankipur Jail from the 1st April’ 73 for the fulfillment of his four demands. Withdrawal of false cases against the workers and their unconditional releasealso are the demands of Ananda Murtiji.

HE is not fasting for the withdrawal of cases against Him but against His workers. So, this is not a fact that the workers have been demanding the withdrawal of cases against Shrii Shrii Ananda Murtiji and His unconditional release as stated by Dy. Minister of Home in the Lok Sabha. Workers have been demanding to fulfill the demands of Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti ji and restoration of facilities given to Him (Ananda Murti Ji) till 31st December, 72 which are mentioned below:-

  1. (a) Supply of meal from His residence as was done previously till 31st December,1972.

(b)          Granting interview to His friends and relatives every week irrespective of interview granted to the lawyers.

(c)           Bring back four co-accused from Fulwarisharif jail to Bankipur jail.

How can the Civil Surgeon certify that Shrii Ananda Murti Ji was better when He Himself confesses that He was not allowed to examine him? The facilities given to Him till December, 1972 have been withdrawn by the State Govt. when other under trial prisoners of upper class enjoyed these facilities.

Public Relations Secretary,