1972 – the 16 points

Follow The 16 – points


[The Editor regrets there in Bulletin No.21 some mistakes form in 16 points to be had. Now it is corrected.]

The Path of spiritual success is the Path of Sincerity, austerity and regularity in Sadhana. This Path is not for ease-lover, nor for impatient and emotional adventurists but for those only who are serious and earnest in following the Principles which will lead every ‘Sadhaka’ to the Supreme terminous Brahma. You follow it and see, how quickly and widely a radical change is taking place in your life, mind and manner.

(1)         Bath

(2)         Sadhana

(3)         Fasting

(4)         Koupin

(5)         Use of water after Passing Urine

(6)         Removal of Skin

(7)         Food

(8)         Preservation of hair on Joint

(9)         Conduct Rules

(10)  Istha

(11)  Adarsha

(12)  Supreme Command

(13)  Vyapak Shoaca

(14)  Oath

(15)  D.C

(16)  Conduct Rules in details

You be determined to follow these Principles and start observing the same from just now. Such regular observations will soon be turned into your active habits. These habits will soon be identified with your dynamic character. And lastly your character will be your destiny-maker.