Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Date and place unknown

The vibration of the Vast Cosmic Citta that has been going on through eternity is called Aumkara. This sound shall continue eternally without a break. You have been hearing so many kinds of sounds, yet you are unable to catch that eternal sound, which is the nucleus or seed of all sounds. To hear this sound or to apprehend its waves a very very powerful instrument will be necessary.

The acoustic mechanism that you have in your body at present is deplorably too weak for the purpose.

Your instrument of hearing should be immeasurably more powerful than any radio, catching sound waves from the air. Since this weak modern instrument is quite incapable of apprehending that sound, you are in doubt about the existence of such a phenomenon. But in order to receive the vibrations of the Infinite, you shall have to identify your citta or mind and all your organs with the Infinite. Then alone you will be able to keep yourself merged in the Supreme Vibrational Exultation, surging through your theopathic trance.

It is only when your ego and to attain HIS unicity that you can know and hear His Mind – can have the empathic experience and apprehend His sound with every molecule of your entity.

Your unit-mind will merge in the Cosmic Mind. In that auspicious moment when your “I” and the Cosmic “I” meet in the great reunion, all your egoistic frivolities, fevers and frate will cease.

An inexhaustible stream of symphony will then be flowing afloat in the great void.

Now the question may arise whether the different varieties of sounds that are arising in and from the universe, are the same or different from those of the Cosmic Mind. Are your footprints, when you walk, the mute witness of your silence or are they eloquent of your motivity?

What you eat is also sonorific. Every small or big action of your life, every epithymetic clash or every clash of vrttis(desires), every venous vibration is eloquent of a language. Sapless, tranquil mountain ranges, streams and currents of rivers, density of forests – none are mute, none are silent. They are all absorbed in an inexpressible, sempiternal, sonorific meditation. One who has ears alone hears them. None of these sounds is apart from that Cosmic Sound, from that boundless Sonic manifestation.

All are its inseparable flows. All sounds are the manifestations of this one Aumkara. Through circumstantial analyses of this one Aumkara we have been receiving or treating Its different manifestations as different types of sounds. Take for instance, a village marketplace. What will you hear from a distance – a medley of howls, isn’t it? But you saunter close to it and you will notice that, that jargon has been analyzed into different clearly obvious and a meaningful sentences or words, ‘Give me a seer of brinjals’, ‘Your potatoes are too small’ and such-like various sounds. The sum-total of these utterances jargons into a howl.

Just as all the sounds of the marketplace have been unified into one howl carrying sound –wave, just as all have blended their respective thought-waves into one howl, similarly all the sounds of the Universe are implanted in one Aumkara.

Aumkara is the unified form of all sounds.

Aumkara alone is the sperm of all.

I have already said that every action is vibrative and so every sensation of Cosmic Citta is vibrational. Among the vibrational Tanmatras the first and subtlest is the sonic Tanmatra.

That is why, this Sonic Tanmatra is the first stage of crudification of the subtle abstractional sphere leading to this crude world. Aumkara is the initial manifestation or the first super-sonic expression of the Cosmic Citta. That is why it is called Shabda-Brahma or Sonic Consciousness.