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21 August 1979, Kaohsiung, TAIWAN

What’s the meaning, what’s the significance of your, What?

Lalita, Lalita Marmika Dance?

What’s, what’s the position of your legs, and particularly of your toe?

Only show, Yes that is, What’s that portion. I said, This portion [toe tip] is “Dhae”. [Audience replies: “Dhae, BA'BA'.”] – “Dhae”.

This portion [the ball of foot] is [Audience replies: “Dhin.”] – “Dhin.”

And this portion [the heel] is — ? “Ta”.[Audience replies: “Tá”.]

Now here, Dhae [toe tip] portion touching that with, Dhae Portion, Yeah ~

Dhae” portion means “Spiritual touch”.

Dhin” portion means Psychic touch.

Ta” portion means Physical touch.

Ta’! Ta’, with maximum strength, with maximum weight of the body.

You are on this earth. You are doing; you are to do all the worldly duties, all the psychic duties, all the Spiritual duties, but your pressure on the Earth should be minimum.

You should give least pressure on the Earth; so that the Earth may not think that you are a liability to the Earth. Be an asset.

So, by touching that with this portion ( the toe tip ), you are giving minimum pressure on the Earth. Clear?

For yourself you are giving, what? Minimum pressure.

That’s why, you have to touch that (toe tip) with that portion. Yes, with the ‘Dhae’ portion. Clear?

Now hand, just kneel down, yes, yes. This portion of the hand is the most natural physical position of the hand.

It is the most natural physical position of the hand, is it not ? Under normal condition you will remain in this position. Hand will remain in this position.

It is the most natural physical position. And while doing any hard work, your hand will be in this position. You cannot use hammer in this position ( arm up ), can you ? No, You will have to keep the hand in this position ( down ).

Hammering, this is the physical most natural physical position.

Angle is 90 degree ? What’s the angle?

90 degrees, 90 degree.

Here, while maintaining your hands in this position, you are to utilize your psychic strength. When your mind will desire, only in that condition you can remain like this.

Otherwise, you will be in this position (down). When you will desire, you’ll want it, your mind, only in that condition it will be like this. Is it not a fact ?

We say, “Raise the hand”, that is, you are raising the hand with your mental strength. Mind likes it. That’s why it is raised.

So this is the style for using, exercising the mind. This is physical ( down ); this is mental ( 90 degrees ).

Now, while doing your kiirtan, Lalita Ma’rmika, what is your position ?

You are using your mental power or you are using your psycho-spiritual power ?

What it is? Not psychic, Psycho-Spiritual.

So, it should not be in this position, it is 90 degrees, the angle is 90 degree what? 90 degrees angle.90 degrees angle.

So in Psycho-Spiritual approach, this angle must be more than 90 degrees. Yeah, Yeah.

This shows that your hands are now at the mercy of Parama Purus’a. Not by your psychic power, but by because of the mercy of the Parama Purus’a your hands are in this position.

So, in Lalita Ma’rmika, hands must be more than 90 degrees. You have understood it. Humm..Clear, Crystal clear. {laughter}..

Now then, I have said something, let you boys and you girls say something.

to be cont….