PRABHÁT SAḾGIITA – Flag song lyrics

“The mind cannot remain without an object. Since objectivation of the mind is essential, since, without having an object, the mind cannot function, let there be only one object – let the Cosmic Entity be your object. But the mind must get affixed, and the affixed mind must be pointed because only that pointed mind can merge with the Supreme Entity”. -- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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Raktim kishalay ámi raktim kishalay

Sojá pathe cali ámi

Váñká pathe kabhu kabhu nay

Raktim kishalay ámi raktim kishalay

Ámár sumukhe áche shyámala shobhá

Ámár d’úpáshe áche arun’ ábhá

Uñcu shire cali ámi

Niicu shire kabhu kabhu nay

Raktim kishalay ámi raktim kishalay

Ámár váhute áche vajrera bal

Ámár áñkhite áche drs’t'i vimal

Sojá kathá bhávi ámi

Váñká kathá kabhu kabhu nay

Raktim kishalay ámi raktim kishalay

A reddish leaf, I an a reddish leaf. Only on a straight path do I walk,

never in a crooked way.

Before me stretches verdant beauty. To either side the radiant glow of

the dawn. With head held hight I walk, never with head bending low.

In my arms is the strength of thunder, my eyes gaze with pure and

unclouded sight. Only simple and clear thought do I think, never in a

crooked way.

raktim  -  red; redness

kishalay   –  young shoot, sprout

ámi  -    I

raktim  -  red; redness

kishalay  -  young shoot, sprout

sojá  -  straight, right

pathe  -   on the path, on the way

cali -   I go

ámi  –  I

váñká  -   bent

pathe  -  on the path, on the way

kabhu  -  ever, never

nay  -  no

ámár  -  my

sumukhe  -  in front

áche  -  is, has, have

shyámala  -  verdant

shobhá  -  beauty; luster

ámár  -  my

d’úpáshe -  on both sides

áche  -  is, has, have

arun’  –  sun

ábhá  -  glow

uñcu   -   high, elevated

shire  -  head

cali  –   I go

ámi   -   I

niicu  -  low

shire  -   head

kabhu  –   ever, never

kabhu  –   ever, never

nay  –   no

ámár  -  my

váhute   -  in my arms

ache  -   is, has, have

vajrera  -   of thunder

bal  -   energy

ámár  -   my

áñkhite  -   in the eyes

áche  -  is, has, have

drs’t'i   - sight

vimal  -  pure

sojá  –   straight, right

kathá  -  word, thing, idea

bhávi  –   I thing

ámi  –   I

váñká  -  bent

kathá  -   word, thing, idea

kabhu  -    ever, never

kabhu  -   ever, never

nay   -   no