UPAVÁSA – {purely Original Discourse}


3 December 1978, Calcutta, INDIA

Today is Ekádashii, I think. These fastings are called “Upavása” in Saḿskrta.

Upa”, Upa is a Saḿskrta prefix.

In Saḿskrta there are 20(twenty) recognized prefixes, and one of those prefixes is “Upa”.

Upa” means “proximity”. And “Vása” means “to live”, “to reside”.

Now the Upavása, the word “Upavása” means then, “to live near the Lord”.

Upa” means near, proximity.

Upavása” – these days of fasting, in these days, what the aspirants are to do? They should live near in their mind and mentally they should live near their Lord.

In all other days, there remains a balance between external, what?

Objective adjustment and subjective approach and adjustment between Objective adjustment and Subjective approach .

But in this day, or in these days of fasting. These days of Upavása, he remains more in proximity with the Lord than in other mundane duties. That’s why these days are known as “Upavása”.

The word “fasting” does not represent the proper sense or proper spirit of the term Upavása.

To go without food, for this the Saḿskrta term is “anashana” – “ana” means not, “ashana” means eating – not “Upavása”. But these Ekádashii, Amavasya and Púrńimá, they are days of Upavása. Do you follow?