13 May 1979 morning, Fiesch, SWITZERLAND 

Now what should I say, DMC is over.[laughter ....] Hmm.

Request should have come earlier.

But, yes there is many thing to say, regarding this Ancient Alpine Civilization, but I didn’t get the chance.

Last night during DMC, I said Parama Puruśa is the Only Object of Ideation.

Now when Civilization started, those primitive men of Prehistoric era, they became Nature-worshipers.

And as Human Society and Human Civilization went on progressing, they started there Philosophical surveys just to find out the person behind the curtain.

These natural manifestations, these so many ostentations of pomp and grandeur, these so many emanations of lights and colours, behind all these things, there is a Personality, that lies coverted behind all. And HE is the Parama Puruśa.

But during this search, during this Intellectuo-Intuitional Research, they created so many Scriptures.

Where their logic failed, they say that it is the word of the God.

And they did many a thing that didn’t, didn’t help the Human Society to become one.

Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously they encouraged fissiparous tendencies.

The subtlest standard of veracity remained covert behind those many Scriptures.

That’s why it has been said, once upon a time King Yudhiśt́hira was asked several questions regarding human values; rather cardinal Human values; regarding these spirituality.

The Question was, “What is the Correct approach, what should be the Correct approach?”

 So many scriptures say so many things.

So many social codes say so many things.

Then what an ordinary man is to do? What an ordinary spiritual aspirant is to do?

The reply was,

Shrutayoh vibhinnáh smrtayoh vibhinnáh

Na eka munir yasya mataḿ na bhinnam

Dharmasya tattvaḿ nihitaḿ guháyáḿ

Mahájano yena gatah sah panthá.

So many scriptures say so many things, and they are sometimes contradictory to one another.

Now what to do? What an ordinary man is to do?

Whom to follow and whom not to follow?

Smrtayoh vibhinnáh”. There are so many social codes in the world.

Whom to follow and whom not to follow?

And amongst the Intellectuals, there are so many, there are diversities of opinions. One intellectual doesn’t tally, doesn’t recommend, doesn’t support the views of others.

And it is the Greatest Weakness of Intellectuals that they always encourage Disunity.

They always support Heterogeneity.

And one Spiritual Aspirant, once upon a time, remarked that these Intellectuals are Polished Satans.

“Na eka munir yasya mataḿ na bhinnam.”

Then where lies the Secret of Dharma?

Dharma” means “Spirituality” – not “Spiritualism”, but “Spirituality”.

Dharmasya tattvaḿ nihitaḿ guháyám”.

Now the Supreme Entity, the Controlling Entity, the final stance of Dharma lies coverted within one’s own “I” feeling.

That is, you are to search Internally and not Externally.

Everything is within you, because the Parama Puruśa always remains with you, within the very core of your heart.

So search within, O the Spiritual aspirant, not without, but within, within your very Existence.

Mahájano yena gatah sah panthá.”

So you are to follow the Path, you are to follow the Cult, and you are to do according; you are to do according to the approaches done by the aspirants in the Past, the Kaolas of the Past.

You are to be practical in your Life of Occult Science.

Your only Object of Ideation is Parama Puruśa, and not any Dogma, nor any Scripture.