MOVING AWAY FROM PRÁŃA-KENDRA {Purely Original Hindi Discourse}



This below discourse was in Hindi and the transliteration was done within my capacity and if any mis-interpretation please bear with it.

…because there was no second entity but how could HE create, and with what did HE create?

From HIS own MIND did HE create, and nothing is outside HIS Mind.

For creating HE did not had any Second Entity to find out?

Why did HE create?

Always remaining alone had made HIM to be in a terrible state, that is being alone without loving or without scolding or punishing.

You know, in a house if you consider to be alone, and if there is no child at all then such a house has no charm whatsoever, you know.

Being in such a state alone and as there is nobody and in case if there were small children of that age then surely then one compels to love.

Sometimes the child may laugh, cry and sometimes may ask Bábá give me food and give me this and that, then as for circumstances sometimes comes out with problems and difficulties shouting, crying and also laughing.

So in Parama Puruśa’s Mind, such thoughts came out.

Due to such thoughts, what did Parama Puruśa do?

To create anything, you get clay, water and then you build.

But for Parama Puruśa there is nothing outside.

For HIM clay, water and such materials, HE needs for creation? So what did HE do?

From HIS Mind, from the Root of HIS Práńa-kendra(Cosmological Nucleus), HE moved away very very far.

If HE didn’t move away very far, then it can’t have become Crude Material.

For the Crude Material, HE has to move very far away.

From HIS own Mind intentionally HIMSELF with HIS own Mind, HE moved very far away for making the Material, then with these movement it transformed to Paiṋcabhúta.

You see, that from HIS own Mind, HE has to move far from HIMSELF, so that the Material could be transformed, for the work of moving very far, it is known as Saiṋcara.

Saiṋcara has taken place, then why did it happen?

Because to make the Material.

In place of Parama Puruśa’s Práńa-kendra(Cosmological Nucleus), there cannot be any Material because there cannot be any material formed.

So it is done like this.

After the Material was created, then creation was started with plants, animals.

If it is crude in structure, then there is less intellect likewise jiiva, jantu, janavar were created.

While creating creating creating when it was very close to HIMSELF, then HE did create a Buddhiman Manus(Intellectual Man).

His name was known as Human.

Then you may say, from HIMSELF, HE moved away HIS own Mind, to create the Material.

Till now HE has created Jiiva, HE has been creating the Jiiva, then what HE will do?

HE cannot move no more after moving away such far.

Now HE has to move towards HIMSELF.

Jiiva, Jantu existence which has been created it is Introversial, when the Intellectual man was created, that man came very closest to HIMSELF.

When creating the Jiiva Jantu, HE is calling from HIS mind to come very close to HIM.

What is HIS Duty?

To call the Jiiva Jantu to HIMSELF and to merge.

When Human beings was created, he was very closest to HIM.

Human beings also have this Intellect that Parama Puruśa knows jiiva, jantu hasn’t come very close then why man?

When Human beings was created and when one starts to have an urge to be one with Parama Puruśa, that is to be one with Parama Pita.

All humans, knowingly or unknowingly they are moving and will be moving towards Parama Puruśa and for Parama Puruśa in their mind they have attraction.

Every Man either Robber, Dacoit(Thief), Sinner, Pathak(Deadliest sinner), they have love for Parama Puruśa in their mind.

The love may be unexpressed or undeveloped but it is.

So in this loakik jagat (mundane world) if there is a sinner, you all hate them on behalf of society and this sort of hatred must also happen so that a sinner can learn a lesson.

So that any such degraded action, he/she will know that society hates.

So it should happen and on behalf of Society there is hatred but not from Parama Puruśa, never does HE hate.

First thing, knowingly or unknowingly there is love for Parama Puruśa in every human being’s mind.

Because he is a sinner, Parama Puruśa will hate, so such was the case one is not coming close, never does this goes like this.

May be in society they may have such impression about sinners but not from Parama Puruśa.

Because for Parama Puruśa there is always Love for such a person whether he does Sádhaná or he hasn’t learnt Sádhaná.

May be a person learns Sádhaná today and from tomorrow itself, one will be a great Sádhaka because there is love inside.

If one becomes frightened, degraded, depraved for sometime and may be anytime one can become bhakta, then every sin is annihilated; one becomes Mahatma.

In the past here in these Maghadesh area, you all know that there was a great dacoit and degraded person, his name was Ratnákara.

Doing Sádhaná, he became Maharśi Valmiki.

You see that every man has a love for Parama Puruśa. You all know that, Love is not blind, Love is not unilateral, both sides it happens.

In the same way, if you hate anybody, the hated person will not love you. If there is hate on one side, there is hate from other side also. If there is love, there is love from other side also. These is the Society’s Rule.

It is not Unilateral but mutual.

For Parama Puruśa the sinner has always have a Love.

Parama Puruśa can never have hatred and HE can never hate.

Even for a wee bit of moment, never think of your past that I was a sinner, that’s why Parama Puruśa has no interest towards me and Parama Puruśa is not entertaining me because I was sinful degraded, not good, so i haven’t got any privilege.

In the eyes of society you were treated because your character was not good, so society was hating.

But Parama Puruśa never hates you and what’s the second reason is that, why does HE hate and whom?

From HIS own Mind, HE has manifested, then how can HE Hate?

Does anybody hates his own hands, legs and his own body?
So every Man are Parama Puruśa’s own parts, so how can HE hate, HE can’t Hate.

To Hate is not HIS Nature at all.

Then the third thing that the devotees what they say?

The devotee Sádhaka says that the third thing they know, but the two things even the Philosophy and Pandita(Intellectuals) says that in HIS mind whosoever loves Paramátmá then Paramátmá cannot hate them and second thing, it is Paramátmá’s own parts, own children, how can HE hate them, so this is also right?

Then the third thing, the devotees are saying that, the devotees will say, Parama Puruśa has no right to hate for the third reason and that reason is to protect of HIS shame. Then what it is?

From all corners of the world, they say Parama Puruśa, Oh Parama Puruśa, you are Pátitha Pavan.

Parama Puruśa if you are Pátitha Pavan, then how can HE hate and How can HE hate sinners.

If HIS work is to protect them and the name also reflects the same, then if Parama Puruśa hates the Pátaka, then those Pátaka will come in front of Parama Puruśa and challenges HIM that Oh Parama Puruśa, from today you do one thing that, YOU remove the name of Pátitha Pavan. This is matter of shame.

If Pátaka has to be hated then Pátitha Pavan name should be removed.

To maintain that status of name and status of respect and to protect HIS name, that’s why?

Without any blemish, you move ahead, do Sádhaná, you are Progeny of Parama Puruśa, do not be afraid or fearful.

Do your Sádhaná then you will surely move ahead, Victory will be for sure, Parama Puruśa is with you and you are never alone.

Never be afraid of anybody.