FOUR KINDS OF APPROACHES{purely Original Discourse}


19 May 1979 evening, Timmern, GERMANY



19 May 1979 evening, Timmern, Germany

There must be adjustment amongst three portions of the body – the legs, hand and Waist in Kaoshikii. …. in Tandava….

You know, Human expressions are trifarious in character. 

Human beings have there so many physical expressions, so many physical manifestations, so many psychic manifestations, psychic desires and longings, and also a Spiritual thirst.

This Spiritual thirst is the Specialty, or rather Special characteristic of Human beings, and here lies the difference between man and other animals.

Where there is no Spiritual thirst in a man, physically he may be like a man, but actually, psychologically, he is not a man.

So this Special wont of Human beings should always be encouraged, so that man may be from ordinary Human beings to a Superman. The position should be exalted to that of Superman.

And this is the only way, only secret, what, to encourage the Supreme Human Propensity towards the Supreme Being.

Yes, the Human expressions are trifarious in character, but Human approaches are not trifarious.

There are four kinds of Human approaches;

  1. The physical approach – Human beings do so many things, so many physical approaches, they have created so many Science, just to get them Physical Pleasure, just to get more Physical Pleasure.

    So many science subjects have been invented and will be invented.

Here – that is, in Inventing so many Science subjects – man doesn’t differentiate himself from animals, because Science in some form or other is being followed, is being Invented, is being Developed by other animals also.

Birds know how to prepare their nest in a very Scientific style. Ants have also very Developed Science in the society.

So this Science, this Physical science, is not something that may differentiate man from animal.

Human approach is Physico-psychic and/or the reverse approach, Psycho-physical – Here lies some difference between man and animal.

First, in case of animal or other creatures, it is Physico-psychic, no doubt, but it is never Psycho-physical.

In case of man, it is both Physico-psychic and Psycho-physical & the second, Human approach is purely Psychic. There are certain developed creatures – dogs, monkeys – where there is this Psychic approach; a bit psychically-Developed animals have got this wont.

And the last one, that is absent in all other animals, is Psycho-Spiritual approach.

This Psycho-Spiritual approach is developed or is created or can be found only in a certain stage of developed mind.

It is a Specialty of Humans only.

If we are to establish ourselves in the full glory of Humanity, we must encourage this Psycho-Spiritual approach, that is, Spiritual Sádhaná.

This Psycho-Spiritual approach starts from the Realm of mind, and ends in the jurisdiction of Supreme Nucleus.

Now for this, the Movement of our Existence should maintain a parallelism with the movement of our Idea.

Existence maintaining parallelism with Idea.

Entitative waves maintaining a parallelism with Incantative waves.

And that’s why, I said that “Ours is a Subjective approach through Objective adjustments”.

Those Physical Expressions, those Psycho-physical or Physico-psychic expressions, and also the Pure Psychic expressions, they all come within the scope of Objective adjustment; and the last one, that is, the Psycho-Spiritual approach, is the Subjective approach.

Ours must be a happy blending of these two.

In case of the Psycho-Spiritual approach, or Psycho-Spiritual movement, we should always remember that human beings are just like electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom.

And by dint of our Spiritual cult, we will have to reduce the difference between the Electron and its Nucleus.

The length of the Radius is to be lessened by dint of our Sádhaná.

And a day is sure to come when this radius, when the length of this radius will become zero and the electron will become one with the Nucleus; that is, Jiiva, the Spiritual aspirant, will be one with the Parama Puruśa.

While doing Spiritual practice, Spiritual Sádhaná while singing Kiirtana and Dancing, we should remember the fact that all our Spiritual activities are just to dance around Parama Puruśa, lessening the distance, lessening the length of the Radius, coming from close to closer Proximity to our Ideological Desideratum.

We should always remember this fact.

And there cannot be any Peace, any Happiness and any Beatitude till the Aspirant comes in tactual contact with the Supreme Self.

And what’s the maximum time that our boys of Berlin Sector and girls of Berlin Sector can dance – what’s the maximum period, maximum time – Had there been any competition like this.

In India, Competitions are held and in perhaps Tandava, Punyananda Editor of Delhi PROUT became first.

He could dance continuously for 7 minutes – Tandava.

Here in this sector was there any such competition.

Yes Bábá’, and what?

In Training Sector last summer, one brother did was 25 minutes Tandava– Tandava 25 minutes? Laughter…

Lalita Marmika, lalita marmika – they doesn’t know, what? Very long. 

And India record is 7 minutes.

One brother did 27 minutes – 27 minutes you?

And Kaoshikii, Kaoshikii by you, Kaoshikii by girls?

How many minutes – 20 minutes and of the boys – Kaoshikii? 10 minutes.

Then you were defeated by girls. Laughter… You are the Champions. Very Good.

Say Dinakara? Dinakara – “Dinam Karoti ya”, that is Sun.