21 November 1978, Delhi, INDIA

I could not see in sight, won’t say anything. I could see only the left side of a single man. I am facing this side.

Now in a short discourse I want to say something regarding the Futility of Non-Cardinal Prayers and Attributional Worships.

You know the Supreme Entity is beyond the scope of any mundane measurement and hence no attributional expression can bind HIM.

HE is the Lord of all attributions but HE is above the periphery of attributional bindings.

The worship may be Adorative, may be say Ideative but it can never be Attributional. The Microcosm has got its own limitations and within its restricted scope how much can it think and how much can it explain or express or manifest?

If you try to say anything, We’ll be indirectly trying to bring HIM within the scope of so many limitations and bindings.

That’s why the poet Padmadanta said,

Asitagirisamam´ sya´t kajjalam´ sindhupa´tre,

Surataruvarasha´kha´ lekhaniipatramurvvii.

Likhati yadi grhiitva´ Sa´rada´ sarvaka´lam,

Tatha´pi tava gun´a´na´miisha pa´ram´ na ya´ti.

If we use the big Himalayas as a Ink-tablet and the big Ocean as the ink-pot and use the branch of the big Parijata tree of the heaven as the pen and the entire lithosphere is used as the paper, and with this paper, ink and pen if the goddess of learning writes for an Indefinite period even then it won’t be possible to write all the attribution that He possesses.

So attributional worship is meaningless and because of it’s meaninglessness it is impractical and non visible and so it is nothing but wastage of time.

But the worship may be Adorative because HE is the object of adoration for all.

Even within the limitations of Microcosm one can do it, or rather, one can try to do it and similarly, in the realm of Ideation as one touches HIM, when one’s Microcosmic structure get pinnacled, it is possible in that realm and so the Ideative worship, can be supported.

It is the only worship only form of acceptable worship.

Similarly it is futile to be engaged in Non-cardinal prayers.

The cardinal human principles which are acceptable to all and which touches the Infinite with the finite or rather which has close relationship, close link with Mysticism; that is a never-ending endeavor to find a link between finite and the Infinite.

So in case of Cardinal prayer it is to some extent acceptable, may be admitted, but in case of Non-Cardinal prayer is mere wastage of time.

Oh God, give me this or give me that” is meaningless because what is your actual requirement is better known to HIM.

A child doesn’t know what it requires but the mother of the child knows and the mother does accordingly.

You do not know what is your actual requirement, but your Supreme Father knows it and HE does accordingly, and he will be doing accordingly for ever.

So your burden is His burden.

You needn’t say, “Oh God, give me this or give me that”.

That’s why I say, Non-cardinal prayers, prayers of Non-cardinal nature are meaningless. There is no significance in this universal march of Microcosm towards its cherished Goal.

If you are to ask for anything, you are to say, “Oh God, give me this, then that this should be, “Oh God, Guide my Brain, guide my Mind unto the Path of Bliss.

Give me Shubha-Buddhi. I want only this much from YOU and I want nothing from YOU.”

There must not be any other prayer.

If the Buddhi becomes Shubha you get everything. What else do you want?

So your only prayer should be, “Oh God, Guide my Intellect rather guide our Intellect unto the Path of Bliss and We want nothing more from YOU and regarding my physical and psychic wants do whatever you want; I am at your disposal.”

And that’s why I said in A´NANDA SU´TRAM in unambiguous language that, “PRA´RTHANA´RCANA´ MA´TRAEVA BHRAMAMU´LAM.”

You Just Depend on HIM you just rely on HIM, and you just have HIM as your only object of Ideation. Nothing else is required for your spiritual Salvation.