15 September 1978, Patna, INDIA

Since the very Dawn of Civilization, there has been a Living Question regarding the Salvation of Human beings.

The Supra-psychic Existence which remains in close proximity to a Corporal framework, and uses that very Corporal framework as the Medium, has the only Medium of its own Emittances and Emanations, can attain Salvation.

But, Lord Shiva said, “Brahmaeváhamiti Jiṋátvá mukto bhavati dehabhrt́”.

Even having a Corporal structure one can attain Salvation if one changes the Idea of Microcosm into Macrocosm.

The possibilities and potentialities of attaining Salvation lies in the very Existence of his Supra-psychic being.

What is Infinite in Macrocosm is finite in Microcosm, but the potentialities are the same.

So what is required is to develop one’s finite Attributions into Infinite one, that is, through the process of Mystic approach.

What is Mysticism?

Mysticism is a never-ending endeavor to find out a link between finite and Infinite.

And when that link is established Shiva-Vákya becomes true, Shiva-Vákya is materialized.

What is Shiva-Vákya?

Brahmaeváhamiti jiṋátvá mukto bhavati dehabhrt.”

In Brahma Vandaná, while ascribing so many Attributions to Brahma, it has been said that HE is Paresha. Paresha.

What is Paresha?

Para and Apara, these are two counterparts of each and every Existence.

The Seen one, Para and Apara are two portions – two counterparts of the same Entity.

The Seen portion, the Done portion, is called Apara, Apara Brahma, Apara Brahma, Apara and the Subjective portion is Para.

Now, what you see with the help of your sensory or what do you see or do with the help of your sensory and motor organs, that external object, is in the First phase, is Apara and your sensory and motor organs are Para – counterpart of that Apara.

And in the Second phase, in the next Interior phase, those gates of organs are Apara and the Mind is Para.

Then in the next, Next Inner phase, your Mind is Apara and the Unit Spirit is Para.

And in the Final phase your Unit Spirit, Atman, is Apara and HE is the Supreme Para.

HE is the Lord of all Paras.

Hence HE is called “Paresha.”

So, when one withdraws one’s propensities from Objective world towards the Subjectivity, one attains that Paresha.

One becomes one with that Paresha, and there lies the secret of Sádhaná.

So the Supreme Entity is Paresha and HE is also the Prabhu.

Pra” means “Prakrśt́a” the “best” and “bhu” means “being”.

The best Existence.

That is, HE is “Prabhu” of the World.

Now, Shiva-Vákya can be established in many ways.

It is said that HE is “Sarvendriyágamya” i.e., HE can not be achieved by any Indriya.

What are the Indriyas?

There are five motor Indriyas, five sensory Indriyas and the eleventh one is the Mind.

So, here it has been said, “Sarvendriyágamya” that is, “Sarvendriya” + “agamya”.

Yaccaksusa na pashyati yena caksumsi pashyati.”

Whom eyes can not see but eyes get the faculty of seeing from HIM.

HE is Sarvendriyagamya.

Indriyas can not catch HIM.

Here you should remember that the most important point is that “Mind is also an Indriya” – eleventh Indriya, and that’s why in Vedas also it has been said,

Yato váco nivartante aprápya manasá saha,

Anandaḿ brahmańo vidván má vibheti kutascana”.

That is, all the expressions of Indriyas, that is all the Inferences, where all the Inferences fail and where the Mind too also fails, and that is the Supreme Subjectivity.

When that Mind along with Indriyas are withdrawn and placed unto HIM, then it is the Supreme stance.

In that stance there is no fear.

Sarvendriyágamya Satya” – And it is the Supreme Truth, that is, where “Sat” is fully established, it is called “Satya”.

And what is “Sat”?

Sat means “that undergoes no metamorphosis”.

And when “Sat” is fully established, it is “Satya”.

So, in this Universe of ours, that Paresha, that Sarvendriyágamya Entity, is the only Satya. 

And He is, you see that, I am not using the exact vocabulary of the shlokas. I just want to amplify the Truth.

 Acintya – HE can not be your mental object.

That day, I told you that while Meditating on the Supreme you can not accept HIM as your object.

Because HE is your Object. Everything is HIS object.

HE is the Supreme Subject.

Then how, during japa or Dhyána, HE can be your object?

HE can not be your object.

And what is necessity that, the charm lies in the Idea that – while doing japa and Dhyána, you should think that HE is seeing you, you are HIS object.

This thing you should always remember during japa and Dhyána. That is the Idea. That is the Spirit.

Acintya- So HE is Acintya. You are HIS cintya.

Akśara” means “where there is no decaying or no waning”.

HE is Acintyákśara. HE is Acintyákśara.

And another adjective used for HIM is “Jagadbhásakádhiisha”.

Jagat means “Creating entity”, “Moving entities”.

Everything in this expressed world is Moving.

I said, “A Moving Panorama”.

Jagadbhásakádhiisha – Everything in this created world glitters due to HIM, that is, HE is the Supreme Source of all effulgences, rather HE is the only Source of all effulgences.

We get light and energy from Apollo, from the Sun, and the Sun gets everything from HIM.

HE is the Supreme Father, Supreme Source of all effulgences – Supreme Savitá.

That’s why in Gáyatrii Mantra, HE has been addressed as Savitá. “Jagadbhásakádhiisha”.

And all glitterances of each and every entity come from HIM, that’s why HE is Jagadbhásakádhiisha.

And because all glitterances come from HIM, HE is in close contact with anything and everything – all important and all unimportant beings.

So you, if you follow those pencils of rays, if you move ahead along towards the emanating point of all those pencils of rays, you will reach the Supreme Nucleus.

So what Lord Shiva said is correct, cent percent correct – “Brahmaevahámiti jiṋátva mukto bhavati dehabhrt”.

And finally, when following the Movement, the Opposite Movement of all those pencils of rays, one reaches the Source of those rays, that is, one feels that fundamentally One is Brahma.

And by following this path of Spirituality – “Mukto bhavati dehabhrt” – that Supra-psychic Existence whose, who has accepted the corporal structure as its First proximity and using it, has its only medium of all Emittances and Emanations, finally attains Salvation.

Shiva-Vákya was true, Shiva-Vákya is true and Shiva-Vákya will remain true for ever.

Because of dearth of time, I couldn’t speak in Hindi today.