Then, another popular word is, “Ra’ma” – Ra’ma, Ra’mesh,
Ra’meshvara, – Ra’ma. The word comes from Samskrta root, ‘Ram’, “Ram” means, getting pleasure, enjoying bliss. Ram, ram is the root verb, ram is not the word, “ram” is the root verb, You know, with root verb, if we add suffix, the word is created. And we may, if we use prefix, the meaning is changed, Root verb “ceive”, we may use, prefix, “re”-”receive”, ‘per’- “Perceive”, ‘con’ – “conceive”, Similarly the word, the “ram”, is the root verb, not the word, and when it becomes, noun or adjective, it becomes Ra’ma. Ra’ma means, the object from which the spiritual aspirants get pleasure.
It is the wont of human psychology, that he is never satisfied, because his goal is infinite, and whatever he gets is finite.
Suppose you have got some weakness for cake, you are enjoying the cake, but till it passes the tongue, you are enjoying the taste, after that, the cake is finite, it is something finite, so when it comes here, the taste is lost. Similarly, it is the human nature, that he wants to enjoy something infinite, but in our world of relativites, nothing is infinite, everything is finite, so all sorts of enjoyments are finite.
The only infinite entity is the Parama Purusa, so when one loves the Parama Purusa, one enjoys, infinite pleasure, infinite bliss. So Ra’ma means the Parama Purusa, because the yogiins, that is the spiritual aspirants, get infinite pleasure in Him, Ramante Yogiina yasmiin – the only object from which, the yogiins, that is the spiritual aspirants get pleasure, all other things are finite, just like that cake, Another meaning of Ra’ma is Ra’tii mahiidhara Ra’ma, the most glittering object of the entire universe, it is the most glittering entity because all other entities, get light from Him. Here in our solar system, sun is the most glittering entity because all planets are getting light from the sun, there are so many solar systems in the universe, and all those solar systems, they get light from the Parama Purusa, hence He is the Ra’ma, He is the source of all lights, all energies. The sun may die, other stars may die, when they’ll die, when they won’t get sufficient energy, from the cosmic nucleus, but till they’re getting that energy, they are living. Similarly when a human structure gets heat and other energies from Him, that structure is a living structure, when the Parama Purusa wants that this boy or this girl, should change the body, should get another body, He stops supplying energy to that particular body, and starts supplying fresh energy to a new body, we say it is his re-birth.
So, the most glittering entity, the stock of – the original source of all energies, is the Parama Purusa, hence He is Ra’ma and third meaning is “Ra’vanasya maran’am Ra’ma”. In this universe, two forces are functioning simultaneously, one is vidya, another is avidya, Vidya’ means “centripetal force” and avidya’ means “Centrifugal force”.
Vidya’ is centre seeking force, that is vidya’ is helping everybody in their movement, towards the supreme nucleus, centre seeking force, and another is centrifugal is ‘avidya’. Now human mind undergoes distortions due to influence of avidya’, and due to influence of avidya’, human propensities moving towards so many directions, towards ten directions, human structuer gets distorted, so this human mind, moving towards ten directions, under the influence of avidya’, is just like a demon, it has got deteriorating effect on human mind, hence it is known as demon. Human mind, with the, by being influenced by that centrifugal force, moves towards, crude matter. When the goal is matter, the very structure is also, changed into matter, because the mind takes the form of its object, so where matter is the object, mind is slowly converted into matter, so this avidya’, goading the human mind unto – crude objects in ten directions, is called Ra’vana – there are ten directions, east, west, north, south, up, down, these six directions are called “pradiisha”, and four corners are called “anudiisha”, these are the ten directions, it is called a ten- it is just like a ten faced demon, that ten faced demon is called “Ra’vana”. Now, how can you kill, how can you destroy this Ra’vana, this depraving force, this degenerating force is “Ra’vana”. How can you destory this Ra’vana? You can destory this Ra’vana, only when you take shelter in
Parama Purusa. So, Ra’vanasya maran’am Ra’ma, means “here Ra’ma means “Parama Purusa”. Without the help of Parama Purusa, one cannot destroy this ten faced demon, this demon is, not only inimical to a particular person, but to a family, to the entire human society, and this demon is the worst, rather the blackest spot of human mind, in our individual life, also in our collective life, and this darkest spot of human mind is – mutual intolerance and hatred. The spiritual aspirant must know that in a civilized society there is no scope, no room, and rather, no selection for hatred or mutual intolerance. All are equally blessed human beings, all have got the same parentage, will have to move with all, and – our process of marching should go on till the entire humanity attains salvation.

THE SINGULAR ENTITY {purely Original Discourse}


4 September 1978, Patna, INDIA

Eko hi Rudro na dvitiiyáya tasthurya

Imánllokániishata iishaniibhih

Pratyaḿ janáḿ stiśt́hate saincukopántakále

Saḿsrjya vishvá bhuvánani gopáh.”

The Supreme question arises – Is the Supreme Entity, the Supreme Controlling Faculty is the Singular one or not?

Is the plurality in the Controlling faculty, It is a knotty question?

Here the Rśi says, Eko hi Rudro – No, this Supreme Controlling Faculty is a Singular One – Supreme Controlling Faculty is a Singular One. There cannot be any plurality in it.

Eko” — That is, the article is Singular and shall remain Singular forever.

Rudra – Actually, that day I told you that the proper significance of the term “Rudra” is “the entity that makes you shed tears”.

And I also told you that to shed tears doesn’t always mean lamenting.

When you shed tears due to sorrow, when you are aggrieved, then tears comes out from these side, straight downwards, and when you shed tears due to pleasure, then it comes out like these.

Tears coming out like this is known as “Shokáshru”, and tears coming out like this is known as “Ánandashru”.

When HE gives you pleasure; When HE gives you predicament, and you shed tears, due to predicament, while undergoing the troubles; you shed tears, that is due to Him; you shed tears and when due to pleasure, due to composure; you shed tears, it is HE who makes shed tears, so in that case also, HE is the Rudra, Rudra. It is the meaning of Rudra.

Due to so many clashes and cohesions in this expressed world or attributions – people shed tears. And this world of attribution is the creation of His.

So,HE is the Rudra. Had there been more than one Rudra, there would have been. The system or the conformity of the Universe would have been lost.

So Rudra cannot be more than one. That’s why it has been said, “Na dvitiiyáya tasthurya.” It cannot have any second supporter or a second competitor.

Ba’ba’ starts speaking in Hindi…

Imánllokániishata iishaniibhih”

This Rudra, the Supreme Singular Entity, is the Controller of the Universe.

Iish” means “to control”, and He controls this Universe with the help of His Operative Principle.

That’s why in Ánanda Sútram it has been said, “Shaktih sá Shivasya shaktih” – Shakti is HIS Operative Principle, Shakti is the Operative Principle of the Cognitive Faculty.

Cognitive Faculty doesn’t belong to the Operative Principle, that Operative Principle, the ownership of the Operative Principle lies with the Cognition.

Without Cognition there cannot be any Operative Principle, but without Operative Principle there can be the Cognitive Faculty. That’s the Principle.

He controls this Universe – the Supreme Cognitive Faculty controls this Universe with the help of His innumerable Operative Principles.

That’s why I said, this Universe is of “Macro Cosmic Conation”.

Ba’ba’ starts speaking in Hindi…

Everything cometh from Him, remaineth in Him and goeth back to Him.

Yato vá imáni bhútáni jáyante yena játáni jiivanti;

Yat prayantyabhisaḿvishanti tad vijijiṋásasva tad Brahma.”

He creates, He retains, He destroys.

Actually, you know, there won’t be any Pralaya, and there won’t be any thermal death of the Universe.

But, in a particular portion of the Universe or in a Particular portion of any Planetary system, there can be, there may be, thermal death.

In the past there has been so many thermal deaths, and in future also there will be many thermal deaths, in a Particular Portion of the Universe.

But Universe as a whole will never cease to exist. It will remain forever.

So one should not be afraid of the Idea that the World is coming to an end. Yes, there may be death for this particular small planet Earth, but the Universe as a whole will never die.

And before the death, everything immortal; this earth is also immortal, but before the death of this Earth, you may or our descendants may not in near future may quit this earth and go to some other planet of this solar system or any other planet of any other solar system.

It is quite possible, quite probable that it will happen like this.

When Pralaya, that is complete annihilation takes place in a particular portion of this Universe, He remains there, too, and it means – nobody will nobody ever will become helpless or hopeless.

He remains in contact with the Entire Creation. This Grace of His is known as “Prota”.

And when He keeps Himself in contact with Individual, as also HE does it, that relationship, that Compassion of HIM, is known as “Ota”.

He is connected with the Universe both Individually and Collectively. His Individual relationship is known as “Ota-yoga” and His Collective relationship is known as “Prota-yoga”.

That’s why we say, “Otah Protah”.

Pratyaḿ janáḿstiśt́hate saincukopántakále” – “Saincukopántakále” means in the stage of Complete annihilation.

Ba’ba’ starts speaks in Hindi here…

Saḿsrjya vishvá bhuvanáni gopáh.” After creating this Universe what HE did?

Bhuvanani gopah.” He concealed Himself. He coveted Himself just behind His Creation. HE doesn’t remain in the forefront.

HE keeps Himself just behind HIS creation.

So in order to find Him out, you will have to search through HIS Creation.

There is no Other way.

Saḿsrjya vishvá bhuvanáni gopáh” — After Creation, HE has hidden Himself behind HIS own Creation.

And just to find Him out, you will have to do something for HIM; there should some special endeavor to find HIM out, that special endeavor to find Him out is known as “Sádhaná”. That you do?

This is the foremost Duty of Every human being.