The world renowned Jiṋána márgii Shankarácárya was born in India about thirteen hundred years ago (1300 years ago).

He said that, “Mokśa kárańasamagryaḿ Bhaktireva gariyasii”, although he was a Jiṋána márgii, but he admitted the fact that amongst all the avenues of Mokśa, “Bhakti” that is “Devotion”is the best”.

What is Bhakti?

“Bhaktirbhagavato Sevá Bhaktih Premasvarúpinii,

Bhaktiránandarúpá ca Bhaktih Bhaktasya Jiivanam”.

Bhaktirbhagavatosevá – the root verb is ‘Bhaj’, suffix is ktin – Bhakti.

Bhakti means “Without attaching any importance to anything else in the world.

When all the propensities of the mind, or goaded unto the Supreme Entity, that condition that goading, that is “that withdrawal and goading” is called “Bhakti”.

While defining Bhakti, “Maharśi Nárada says, “Bhaktibhagavato Seva” that is “Bhakti is rendering Service to the “Parama Puruśa”.

How can one render Service to “Parama Puruśa”?

Parama Puruśa wants nothing from anybody. And HE is not dependent on anybody for anything.

Then how can one render service to HIM?

What’s the secret?

What’s the process?

How can one render Service to Parama Puruśa?

Parama Puruśa personally wants nothing from anybody.

Then how can one render Service to HIM.

Parama Puruśa wants “No Service”, but Parama Puruśa has got so many progeny, so many children. Each and every expressed entity in this Universe is the child of Parama Puruśa.

Now if you want to render Service to HIM, “Just Serve HIS Children”, “Just Serve the Suffering Humanity”.

It will be a Service to “Parama Puruśa”.

And second Item is that to render Service to HIM means, “To satisfy HIM”.

And How to satisfy HIM?

In order to Satisfy HIM, you will have to offer something to HIM, HE personally doesn’t want any Service from you.

For this, “You will render Service to HIS Children”, secondly “you have to Satisfy HIM”, for satisfying HIM, What you can do?

You’ll have to offer something to HIM.

But what can you offer?

Because in HIM, there is “No Want”.

Parama Puruśa has got “No Want”.

HE wants nothing, HE is completely Perfect, so HE wants nothing.

Now the Devotees say, what?

“Ratnákarastavagrhaḿ grhińii ca padmá

Deyaḿ kimapi bhavate puruśottamáya


Dattaḿ manah yadupate tvamidaḿ grháńa”.

Now you know, the entire Universe is HIS abode, what is HIS Abode?

The entire Universe, full of so many gems and jewels and precious stones & precious metal, everything is HIS.

So HE wants nothing.

Grhińii ca padmá” – And who is HIS wife?

Paramá Prakrti is HIS wife. She can prepare anything at any moment.

So what does, HE require from you? Nothing, Nothing.

What can we offer to HIM? Nothing, Nothing.

Then, How can you satisfy HIM.

When there is no scope for direct Service, that is “Rendering direct Service” & also “Where there is no scope to offer anything, just to satisfy HIM” because HE has got everything.

And whatever you offer or want to offer, that object is also created by HIM? Then what human mind wants to offer something?

Just to satisfy himself. Just for his own satisfaction.

Here in this shloka, the Devotee says, “Paramá Prakrti is your wife”, she can create anything at any moment.

You are bringing a garland for HIM, but Paramá Prakrti can create that garland at any moment. So HE is not dependent on your garland.

Then “Deyaḿ kimapi Bhavate Puruśottamáya”, Oh, Puruśottama, Oh, Parama Puruśa, What can I offer for your satisfaction. Nothing.

Deyaḿ kimapi bhavate puruśottamáya


Dattaḿ manah yadupate tvamidaḿ grháńa”

Oh Lord, I am a “third grade” Devotee, worst type of Devotee, but I have heard that, those big Devotees, those “A grade” Devotees, they have done one thing.

They have taken away your mind from your Existence, that is, “You love your A grade devotees, so much that, Your A grade devotees, have taken away your mind, Your mind is with your A grade devotee.

I am a C grade devotee, so Oh Lord, there is one want in YOU, “What is that want”?

YOU have got, “No mind”, because your “A grade devotees have taken away Your mind”.

So, Oh Lord, I offer my mind, You please accept it.

This thing you can offer.

Your Mind.