JIIVÁTMÁ AND PRATYAGÁTMÁ{Purely Original Discourse}


20 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

In so many Hymns, in so many Rk’s, in so many Shlokas, it has been said that, the only thing that you may ask from the Parama Puruśa is that, let HIM guide your Intellect unto the Path of Bliss; and you should demand nothing else.

In Yajurveda it has been said,

Ya eko’varno bahudhá Shakti Yogád

Varńánanekán nihitártho dadháti

Vicaeti cánte vishvamádao sa Devah

Sa no Buddhyá shubhayá saḿyunaktu.

No Buddhyá” – “Nah” means “Asmákam”, “our”.

Let Him guide our Intellect towards Blessedness, towards Human welfare.”

No buddhyá shubhayá saḿyunaktu” – “Let our Intellect be attached to Public Welfare.”

In the Savitr Rk also it has been said, “Dhiiyo nah pracodayát,” that is “Ya na dhiiyo pracodayát,” “Ya asmákam dhiiyo pracodayát.” “Ya asmákam dhiiyo pracodayát.”

Sadvidhánaḿ karotu.”

So that HE may guide our Intellect UNTO the Path of Bliss.”

Pracodayát” means “Sadvidhánaḿ karotu”, “Guide towards Bliss”.

So the primary factor that deserves Development or Exaltation is the Intellect, is the Human Intellect. It should be Purified.

When the Intellect is Purified, when Piety is established in Intellect, Everything is Obtained.

And then, What is the Final Goal of this Intellect?

It is to be purified, very good, but after Purification, how this Intellect is to be Utilized?

What should be the Final Desideratum of this Intellect, where this Intellect is to go?

It has been said,

Darpańábháva ábhásahánao múkaḿ vidyate kalpanáhiinamekam;

Tathá dhiiviyoge nirábhásako yah sah nityo’palabdhi svarupeo’ham átmá.

Intellect is like, just like a Mirror, {Hindi terminology is used here} and the reflection of Parama Puruśa is on that mirror.

That Reflected portion of the Parama Puruśa on that mirror is the Jiivátmá.

[Ba'ba' is speaking in Bangla here]

Suppose, there is a flower, a Red flower and there are twenty mirrors in the room. You will see one original flower and twenty reflected flowers.

The original flower is Parama Puruśa, and those reflected flowers are Jiivátmá.

That one, those reflected flowers are Jiivátmá, and the Original is Pratyagátmá.

Here the special name for Parama Puruśa is Pratyagátmá.

[Ba'ba' is speaking in Hindi here].

Prathipum Viparitham Aincati Vijanati iti Pratyak”.

The Entity that witnesses its reflected counterparts is Pratyak, Pratyak+átmá=Pratyagátmá.

Now, when the reflecting mirror is free from all Impurities, then reflection will be, you will get a better reflection.

The Reflection of Paramátmá in you will be better if your mental mirror is in perfect condition.

So you should keep your Mental mirror always in perfect condition.

And for this, What you have to do?

You will have to purify it with the help of Sádhaná and Jana Sevá.

These two factors, Sádhaná and Jana sevá, will keep mirror in proper condition, in good condition.

This phase may be termed has the phase of Savikalpa. 

But What’s your final Goal, What’s the Supreme Desideratum?

Savikalpa, or Saguńásthiti, is not your final Desideratum.

[Ba'ba' is speaking in Hindi here]

You will have to move forward. It is not the Supreme Desideratum, it is not Everything for you.

[Ba'ba' is speaking in Bangla here]

It has been said that, “If all those mirrors reflecting that Original flowers are taken away, then what will happen?”

That Original flower will remain non-reflected.

So if you remove your Mental plate, you will be One with the Supreme.

If the mirror comes near the Original flower, and becomes one with the Original flower, there cannot be any Reflection.

And that stage is the stage of Nirguńásthiti.

Then, How to do it?

You will have to, there is no other alternative but to take the Path of, but to resort to Devotion.

How you have to move towards the Original flower, towards the Original Entity?

You will have to , you know everything is moving around the Supreme Nucleus, moving around Supreme Nucleus is here and everything is moving around like this?

{Ba’ba’ is demonstrating with His gesture}

How you are to, If you can become one with this Nucleus?

Like this, like this becoming One.

So, you will have to move towards the Nucleus, and decreasing the length of your Radius.

And how to decrease the length of the Radius?

You will have to devote, you’ll have to create Devotion within your “I” feeling.

[Ba'ba' is speaking in Hindi first and then in Bangla]

So the Rśi says,

Tathá dhiiviyoge nirábhásako yah” – When that Intellect, won’t be in any position, in a position to bear the Reflection, that is, when that mirror will become one with the Original Entity, there won’t be any Reflection.

Now, how you are to convert, your “I” feeling, or your Mental mirror, into Nothing? How?

The Only way, the Only approach, is Complete Surrender.

Param átmá Samparpan.

You the Supreme Entity, You may be Great, You may be the Nucleus of the Entire World, You may be Infinite, I am finite;

You may be Great, I am small,

You may be anything and everything, and I may be nothing; I may be Nothing but this much You cannot Ignore, You cannot Refute or Refuse, You cannot deny, What?

You cannot Deny that I am the Son and You are the Father”.

So I have got Birthright on, On What? On Your lap.

[Ba'ba' is speaking in Hindi here]

You cannot Deny it.” “It is my Birthright”.

And so each and every Entity has got the right to move towards Him, and to be one with Him.

And when the mind becomes one with Him, the Mirror is lost.

There cannot be any more reflection.

There cannot be any more Jiivátmá.

Jiiva becomes one with Shiva.

Pásha baddha bhavet Jiiva, páshmukta bhavet Shiva” – Jiiva becomes one with Shiva.

This is the Human Goal.

This is the Desideratum.