{this discourse has never been printed in English, so i have translated from Hindi to my best ability, keeping it as simple and clear what Beloved Baba wishes to express, but if so in future all those loving devotees must preserve Baba’s discourses by collecting all original recorded material on one hand and on the other hand must be vigilantly fighting to expose those satanic hypocrites, who have a disease to distort Beloved Baba’s discourses by printing as well publishing in EE 6/7 for name & fame of one’s caste vanity, vanity of one’s culture, religion, ism, race, nationality etc… from this moment, all the pure noble devotees of Beloved Baba belongs to one human society, not and never discriminate or divide society with past references… give up till the seed of your false ego powders down to only pure Baba, only Baba and see in everybody Baba without ism, caste, gotra, color, race, sect, language etc}.

You all know that yesterday night, I had told that whoever has this shuddha bhakti in individual life, they are certain to realize the Paramapada, so if anybody has Bhakti(devotion), then everything becomes fulfilled.

So it is said, Mokśa kárańa samagryáḿ bhaktir eva gariiyasii, if Bhakti(devotion) is there then everything is possible, if bhakti is not there, then it is like a desert, there you can’t find even a blade of grass, not an iota of grass exist, that is a desert.

So the man who is devoid of bhakti(devotion) in his heart, it is just like a dry land of desert.

In such place, Paramapuruśa can’t stay on.

So in one’s life, a flow of devotion must undoubtedly exist.

And if in any man, there is no vidya(knowledge), buddhi(intellect), artha(money), kula(caste vanity), shiila(vanity of culture), just like prapatti(surrender), if at all one has bhakti(devotion), then he is truly a blessed being.

Cańd́alopi dvijahshreśt́hah haribhaktiparáyanah;

Haribhaktivihiinashca vipropi shvapacádhamah.

If in a cańd́ala (lowest caste vanity minded person), if there is devotion, then he is dvijahshresthah – that is “a pure noble man”, if at all there is no bhakti(devotion), even then if he may be born in Vipra(intellect) family, then he is shvapaca that means he is far mean than camara(cobbler’s trade minded person).

Yesterday, it was said that, in one’s individual life, with bhakti(devotion) everything is possible, but for the service to render in samaj(society), jinana(knowledge) is essential and even karma(action) must be performed.

If in a intelligent person, there is no knowledge, no action, then he has not come to render service in Samaj(society), for him there will be only ruhani(self) progress, but from him; others will not get any aid, then such a person who comes here only for himself and does only for his own self and leaves this earth, then he is very narcissistic.

If any person is very self-seeking, then he is surely a burden to society.

Even if a man may be a devotionally minded, but if society doesn’t get any service, then for this world, he is sure to be worthless.

So, I told that if devotional minded person, if he discusses about the jinana(knowledge) for the welfare of society, then it is like gold emanating sandal fragrance.

So if devotional minded person, for the welfare of society, if he discusses about the karma(action), then it is also golden emerald. He is also a blessed one.

If a devotional minded person, if at all discusses about the jinana(knowledge) for the welfare of society, then that type of devotion, I called it has “Jiṋánamishrá Bhakti(devotion)”.

If a devotional minded person, if at all discusses about the karma(action) for the welfare of society, then that type of devotion, what it is called has “Karmamishrá Bhakti(devotion)”.

So these two is very essential for the society, for the development of society.

Even it was told that, “acquiring spiritual knowledge is a must” because for making others understand, it is very essential; whether for a devotee, the knowledge has any importance or not, to make understand for others, especially lower degraded persons, these knowledge will be essential, with this knowledge only it is possible to make them understand.

Here I shall abide to say one more thing, what it is, there are many people who speaks about knowledge, but if there is no awakening of devotion in them, even in such people’s life, after discussing about knowledge, more and more knowledge, then at last,  it can be seen that from knowledge, one can’t get any thing – then what is this jinana(knowledge) like?

It is just like a small onion, then why does it should be onion, if we remove the skin of onion, remove the skin, remove the skin and then at last what do we find, nothing left.

So Jinana(knowledge) is just like a onion.

So when a man, while on the process of discussing about jinana(knowledge), he comes out to realize that at last it is only a big onion, then one will throw away, and think what shall I do, it is only a big onion and also to look at it, which is only a tamasika food, then one understands, that the best thing will be only bhakti(devotion).

While after going through these jinana(knowledge) & one gets completely exhausted, if in that state, if one takes shelter in Bhakti, then such a bhakti(devotion) will be completely inundated devotion. So one will attain the Paramapada instantly.

So such type of bhakti is called as JINÁNÁTMIKA Bhakti, JINÁNÁTMIKA bhakti is most precious.

Similarly in the same context, man is doing these karma(action), doing a lot of labor, then how that hard labor is done, kola ka bale(very strong bull) like doing labor, 24 hours did the strong bull did the hard labor, then how much did it progress, within that area of spinning wheel, and it was moving for 24 hours, even it didn’t go an inch from that place, so these karma(action) is of that type. Man doesn’t understand.

Ásana máre kyá huyá, yo gayii na mankii ásh;

Jyoṋ teliká balelko, gharhii kosh pacásh

By doing such type of action and later when one comes to understand, that it is like a kola ka bale(very strong bull), not only, the strong bull, but with the help of that, when the oil is prepared, and when the preparation of pakodi(tasty fried bread)is done, there is not enough time to eat, whether in this Kashi rajya(state of Kashi), they give pakodi(tasty fried bread) to the strong bull to eat, no, no, but it helps to get that oil.

When these Karmii(actional person) realizes, then what arre! I was just working like kola ka bale(very strong bull), it doesn’t help, then such persons shall tread the path towards Bhakti. That Bhakti will be completely inundated with devotion. So with that Bhakti, without delay they come very near to Paramapuruśa.

So such a type of bhakti is called as KARMÁTMIKA BHAKTI, this too is also a very poignant devotion.

Yesterday I said, you all understood Jiṋánamishrá bhakti, so it must also get recognized. Even Karmamishrá bhakit also you understood, even this must also be recognized in society, whether in individual life, it play importance or not, but for the society it has a role to play.

For the individual ruhani/self progress, for one’s individual spiritual progress, JINÁNÁTMIKA BHAKTI as well as KARMÁTMIKA BHAKTI has great importance, so one must always remember this fact.

Amongst you all, those of you who were interested to discuss about Jinana(knowledge), who were interested in discussing about karma, that is previously who were worshiping onion, previously who were moving like a kola ka bale(very strong bull), even for them, I wish to say to them that as quickly as possible come near to JINÁNÁTMIKA bhakti and KARMÁTMIKA bhakti.

May you all be blessed.