The word “JAGRTI” means ‘what brings an awakening’, through the medium of which the path of an all round progress of the spiritual aspirant is broadened, that can be termed as JAGRTI.

For physical, mental, spiritual and for social development as well, JAGRTI brings a message of a new wakefulness. Its calm, graceful, solemn, holy and pleasant environment motivates every human being with spiritual consciousness.

Jagrti inspires the sadhakas to march ahead to fulfill their aim of life. Hard and cruel-hearted persons too get fully vibrated with the spirit of life being steeped in the sweet wave of spiritual thoughts. Throwing away all the inertness of their daily lives, one will then engross oneself amidst the gathering of the devouts and will vocally join-in to their melodious times and will open-heartedly resolve to dancing and will go drunk with PARAMA-RASA being overwhelmed by the flow at spiritual sentiments.

Science to day has justified the fact that in this world energy never dies. Positionally or according to their particular placements, a transformation only as occured.

When a group of Sadhakas creates a spiritual stir, a flow of thoughts, through the singing of various devotionals songs, Bhajans, and kiirtans, singing.

It continuously in the calm and serene atmosphere of a Jagrti in particular — is it sung for a particular period only?

Does the importance of the performance and after a particular celebrations or a function?

That definitely can not be the case. Every line every sound of the words that are being chorously sung in Bhajan-Kiirtanas and their different musical modulation. One as well — all remain vibrant in the etherial sphere in the form of very fine and subtle ripples. As the collective strength of power of Sadhana, and the mental concentration and spiritual resolutions of the engrossed group of devotees in a particular performance, create a favorable chain of thoughts in the individual mind of the people gathered there — in the ensuing period their vibrations remains permanent not only for the near future but for the distant future also — when our descendants will come, gather and engross in that spiritually enriched sacred place and each string of their hearts will be ringing anew with to day’ extremely fine and subtly delicate spiritual flow sentiments. All the wearied and tired passers-by, and the public in general being shattered by family burden haring assembling there will enjoy the heartily satisfying sweetness of their and will soothe their work-fatigued minds with coolness and peace. The hundred of centuries old fine and delicate waves of spiritual thoughts will then jingle a melodious tune in the subtle HRIDAY-VEENA as (flute of hearts) of the numerous sadhaka communities.

An episode in the year of 1970 at Ranchi can be told. The year of 1970 can be ear marked, as the year of demonstration in the history of ANANDA MARGA, In order to make explicitly a clear and understood of the different aspects of the spiritual truths by the Sadhakas. BABA in that year at the JAGRTI of Ranchi gave a number of demonstrations on various subjects. To prove the truth that every wave of thoughts is indestructible, BABA called one sadhaka near to him and asked him to sit for meditation and sádhana. BABA them ordered the subtle mind of that sadhaka by touching the sadhaka’s tri-junction with his finger and said – “Go back 600 years from to day and find out the village NANOOR in the district of Birbhum”.

Accordingly when the sadhaka responded in the affirmative, BABA then asked – “What are you witnessing there?”

“I see that a certain bhakta-sadhaka being spiritually engrossed in BHAVA-SAGARA is going on singing something and due to the rise of emotions (being emotionally aroused) tears are flowing from both of his eyes.”

n  “Pay attention and listen to the song that is beings sung”.

Thereafter the sadhaka concentrated his mind on that matter and recited two lines of the son which was being sung by the Bhakta,

BABA then directed the sadhaka – “All right.

Now retrack your mind in your original state and stay and continue in your meditation.”

Afterwards turning to the audience BABA addressed the assembled sadhakas and said – “So you see, not only the 600 years old sound waves of the song sung by that famous poet and bhakta, the DWIJA CHANDIDASA of Bengal still existing – the light waves are also existing there in their subtle forms. If a sadhaka with the help of his sádhana is able to take his mind to that sphere or layer them he may actually enjoy that living scene. Be it the light wave or the sound wave nothing gets destroyed in this world. The century old subtle spiritual thought waves do remain permanent as fresh and active in this way to act as the source of inspiration or our future descendants.

Many a time many a sadhaka is heard to remark – “We are engaged is sádhana for a long time. But how to bring concentration of the mind. The search for the real essence of sádhana is yet to be achieved”.

For how many days in a month that essence – searching sadhaka has taken part in the collective meditation or Bhajan-kirtanas under the calm, serene and holy environment at his own Jagrti or joined in the DHARMA CAKRA? Or in order to bring concentration in meditation, for how many days in a month has he engaged himself in meditation getting away from the noise and hue and cry of his crude family life?

The truthfulness of the fact can easily be ascertained if one makes an enquiry.

Here is the word “JAGRTI” does not mean that it is an unventilated damp and dark small rented room of a common market place. It will also be a mistake to call a portion of a room situated in a family environment of a particular person as JAGRTI. In order to keep the developed subtle and spiritual flow of thinking awake and active for all the times.

JAGRTI should be separately kept well decorated in a nice, clean and charming atmosphere, free from all sorts of family hue and cry.

As it is not possible to create a spiritual flow of thinking without having a favourable environment, similarly it becomes equally impossible to keep and sustain the created flow of spiritual thoughts alive without the help of a genial atmosphere. For that matter it is also not at all desirable to think that a neat and nice pucca, expensive building should be selected for the purpose. The cool and charming environment of a clay and that shedly built JAGRTI is no less important in this respect.

The inherent and suppressed samskara to bow before the temple door is witnessed in many a people. A temple can be called a temple where one can have the door of one’s mind opened by going there or to have the closed door bar of his mind unleashed. A particular so called place an idol has been installed for worshipping, Bilva leaves are being offered, bells are clung and rung or vermillons are applied cannot be called a temple simply because in that sense, a calm, pure and cool atmospherically built JAGRITI’s sacred, sweet and thought provoking is the best place to make one’s mind serene and pure.

By bringing them to come into contact and enjoy that cool, congenial and charming atmosphere of JAGRTI, it is not impossible to inspire the non-believers to love and have faith in IISHVARA.

The more holy and serene a JAGRTI can be made to flutter in the graceful, heart rendering, sweet and sacred thoughts, the more our future descendants will appreciate the place as their great temple of pilgrimage. The subtle spiritual thought waves of the sádhana-shakti of the siddha-sadhakas will act as the source of spiritual inspirations for a long time to come. That is the real and latent meaning of a place of pilgrimage.

The word ‘JANOVAR’(animal) has been derived from JAN-BAR suffix. The word possessing of a JAN(life) but it is body-oriented. Human beings also possess life or ‘JAN’ but they are not animals because their lives are based on ideals.

The ideal and aim of life of every human being is to make a most continuous effort to merge and dissolve one’s individual flow of sentiments into unbroken RASA PRAVAHA of the PARAMA PURUSA. For this reason, in the philosophy of ANANDA MARGA, it is said “HUMAN LIFE IS AN IDEOLOGICAL FLOW”. To make this sacred effort successful by every human being to reach that PARAMA TIIRTHA for fulfillment of the ambition of life – what is wanted, is a very favorable environment.

To build our JAGRTI’s beautiful in every respect, every member of the society will have to offer inspirations and encouragements. Irrespective of villages, gajas and towns, every human being dwelling there should be inspired and urged to rush forward the PARAMA PURUSA and to do so, immediate effort should be made to plunge in, to build houses to establish spirituality based JAGRTI’s in every sector of block, panchayat, village and in the unit levels.

It is to be remembered that joining in Dharma Cakra is one of the inseparable prerogative of the 16 points program. And I will declare that Dharma Cakra as beautiful and ideal in all respects, where a gathering is held in a pure, clean and cool atmosphere, enriched with sacred and charmingly sweet spiritual sentiments and feelings.