HE THINKS AND WE PERCEIVE{purely Original Discourse}


date not known, Reykjavik, ICELAND

Where there is …. no vibration, no pulsation, it is not life.

And that’s why everything in this Universe of ours is moving. Nothing is fixed, nothing is stationary; everything will have to move.

And why everything will have to move?

Because whatever we see or whatever we think or whatever comes within the scope of our Inferences, are moving within the Cosmic Mind, are moving within the mind of Parama Puruśa.

HE thinks and we perceive.

All Inferences are emanated from the Cosmic Mind, from the mind of the Supreme Father.

You are dancing, you will be dancing; but these dances you are dancing within the mind of your Supreme Father.

You are dancing within the mind of Parama Puruśa.

You are dancing in HIS mind; your dances are creating a special type of vibration within HIS mind; it gives HIM pleasure.

You are doing good work; your good work create a special type of vibration in HIS mind; it gives HIM pleasure.

Whatever good thing you do, it gives HIM pleasure.

Whatever good thoughts you encourage or you relish, gives HIM pleasure.

That is, whatever good you do, you do to please HIM, to satisfy HIM.

And if by your action HE is satisfied, that satisfaction of HIS satisfies you also.

Now here everything moves. Nobody can remain stationary; even that Polestar is also not stationary.

Our Sun is not stationary; it moves in the Cosmos; Cosmos along with its Planetary World.

There are so many stars, so many Suns – stars like Suns – so many Nebula; they are all moving.

Nobody is Immobile, nobody is fixed.

Your body moves, your sentiments, your Instincts connected with your body, moves.

Your mind moves. Everything moves.

This movement of yours is different from the movement of other animals, other created beings, because the specialty of human beings is that they get pleasure in subtler movements.

And these subtle movement, or subtler movement are special wonts of Human beings.

You get less pleasure from a crude object than that of a subtle object.

You get more pleasure in subtle object.

Crude dance cannot give you much pleasure as Classical dance can.

Because Human movement, Human tendencies towards subtle and subtler and to the Subtlest.

Each and every living being is guided by certain Instincts.

Plants have got Instincts, Animals also have got Instinct, but Human Instincts are less in number than Human Psychic propensities.

That is, in case of Humans, Propensities are stronger than Instincts; and here lies the fundamental difference between an Animal and a Man.

In quest of subtler object, man felt, man realized, that the subtlest of this Universe from which all Waves, all Expressions, emanate is my Supreme Goal.

And that Supreme Goal, that Subtlest object, that Perennial Source of all Inferences, is my Goal, is my Parama Puruśa, is my Supreme Father.

So Spiritual aspirant must always remember that his Goal is not something Physical or something Psychic, his only Goal is the hub of this Universe, is the Nucleus of this Cosmological order, is that Parama Puruśa, the Supreme Father.

All Human Aspirations culminate to that very point.

All Human desires and longings; longings coincide there to that particular Desideratum.

You boys and you girls, you are all Spiritual Aspirants.

You are all developed Human beings.

You should remember this Cardinal Truth.