EXTRA-CEREBRAL MEMORY[purely Original Discourse]


9 December 1978, Calcutta, INDIA

Bábá’ is speaking in Bangla here.

I said something regarding Cerebral memory and Extra-Cerebral memory long ago while at Ranchi.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla here.

Many thing you have learnt in this life you remember.

And there are many other items that you forget, and similarly, there are some items, some happenings of your Past life, not in this life, that you remember.

You see those pictures just like dream.

You do not know, that you remember those things. But you remember.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla here.

A man, a particular man and whose microcosm is sent back 500 years ago, and under that circumstances, that past circumstances, what he is seeing, I demonstrated those things Physically before the margiis. Those things are Extra-cerebral Memory.

What is Extra-Cerebral Memory?

That is ordinary memory is with you & you maintain them with the help of your Nerve cells in the Brain.

But for Extra-cerebral memory, these Nerve cells of this life, wont help you, cannot help you.

Because if there is no record of those happenings in the present Nerve cells and those nerve cells have been burned into ashes.

The Physical body was burnt and that along with the physical body, Nerve cells also became one with the Earth.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla here.

Now when a man dies, his Reactive momenta, i.e., the Original action was done, but reaction was not gone through.

Those reactions in potential form, I said Reactive momenta remain associated with the Microcosm and in next life that Microcosm along with those Reactive momenta come to this body.

And a man gets the body, a man not only man, the living being gets the body according to those Reactive momenta just to satisfy those Reactive momenta, just to convert those reactive momenta into fresh actions.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla here.

Now this Memory concerning Past life, one may retain, generally everybody retains, but not knowingly unknowingly, but in certain cases, certain people remember those Memories fully just like picture, just like Panorama of pictures, that we witness in cinema.

And such a thing happen specially where the man didn’t, the man had full consciousness while dying or sometimes if it is a developed Soul, or sometimes if died in an accident; all of a sudden in an accident, he can remember.

But this type of remembrances wont remain for a long period.

Generally upto twelve or thirteen years of Age, one may retain.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla here.

Such a situation wont remain for a long period because under such circumstances the man has to retain two personalities.

His one name in this life is Ramkumar and his name in the past life was Harihara.

He will have to retain two personalities, and there will be conflict between these two personalities. That’s why after twelve or thirteen years of age, the past life is forgotten.

Bábá is speaking in Bangla here.

Suppose the man developed his Mind fully, and it became a Pinnacled Intellect but there were Reactive momenta with him, that is all the reaction were not fully satisfied, in that case, again he will have to come here as human beings.

But in that case you will remember everything of the past life.

Because he was closely associated with all the work done by him in his previous life. This people are also called as Játismara in Saḿskrta.

That is who remembers all that happened in the past.

But I never advise any Sádhaka to try to become a Játismara because what you’ll do, if you know your Past history of past lives.

Just try to know the future and what is the future?

What should be the future?

To become one with the Parama Puruśa and knowth everything.

Be one with HIM and enjoy the Bliss.

Your union with the Supreme means to Enjoy the Supreme Blessedness.

What’s the necessity of knowing or remembering the Past history of so many lives.

It wont help you in your Spiritual advancement.

You little boys could you follow?