16 November 1978, Delhi, INDIA

Now in a short discourse I shall try to say something regarding Diikśá and its significance in microcosmic existence.

You know for each and every phase, there must be a guiding factor or some goading element.

In case of human progress also.

You know, I have already said human existence is an Ideological flow.

And in case of human progress, we require a strong guiding force. This type of strong guiding force, connecting the physico-psychic existence of human beings with the spiritual life must come from a subtler source and here in case of human Diikśa, it comes from a subtler source the Parama Puruśa.

And that’s why in Ánanda Sútram it has been clearly said, “Brahmaeva Gurureka náparah” – that is, “Parama Puruśa is the Guru” and all guidances and goading elements come from that very Source.

HE teaches the human beings through so many media of HIS.

So far as the types of Diikśá are concerned, there are two main variety, rather you may say, that there are two schools of Diikśá.

The first one is known as, commonly known as “Vaedikii Diikśá” and the second one is “Tántrikii Diikśá”.

As you know Vaedikii, “Veda” means “knowledge”.

Vaedikii Diikśá” means when the aspirants wants to know something, what to do, what not to do, how to do and why to do?

He requests the Supreme Puruśa to guide him. He says, “O Lord, I cannot see because I am surrounded by cimmerian darkness, I cannot see.

Please show the path.

I cannot move, please say how to move?

When one loves Him, how to request the Lord like this? That type of Diikśá is called Vaedikii Diikśá .

Our Gáyatrii Mantra and several other hymns of Rk Veda are these type of Initiation or these type of incantations and when after this by the Grace of the Supreme Entity, the man gets the proper path in physico-psycho-spiritual life; that second Diikśá is called Tantrikii Diikśá.

“Janmaná jáyate shúdrah saḿskárát dvija ucyate”;

What is the Saḿskára? This saḿskára is Vaedikii Diikśa.

After Vaedikii Diikśa, when one acquires sufficient spiritual knowledge and learn; learn how to do, why to do, what’s the proper way, that is Tántrikii Diikśá.

And after that, when he reaches the pinnacle of Spirituality. He becomes a Brahmin, that is he becomes “Brahma-yajina”.

Vedapáthát bhavet viprah Brahma jánáti Bráhmańah.

As per Tantra, the word “Diikśá” means,

Diipajiṋánam yato dadyát kuryát pápakśayam tatah;

Tasmátdiikśeti sá proktá sarvatantrasya sammatá”.

Diipajiṋánam, “Diipajiṋánam” means “the torch light”, that is, he is to move from the darkness of animality towards the effulgence of Divinity.

Now, the past, in the primordial phase, when he starts, he requires a torch, he requires a guiding light and this is called “Diipajiṋánam”.

And now, what’s the first letter of “Diipajiṋánam”, “Dii”, “Diipajiṋánam”, the first letter is “Dii”.

Yato dadyát kuryát pápakśayam tatah”.

And when he moves from the starting rather from the negative point of human existence and moves to the final positivity then, what does happen?

His Pápás also starts waning, this waning of Pápa.

Pápakśayam starts, and what’s the first letter of kśayam, is “Kśa”,

Dii+ kśa = Diikśa.

In feminine it becomes Diikśá.

Kuryát Pápakśayam tatah, Tasmátdiikśeti sá proktá sarva Tantrasya Sammatá”.

Lord Shiva, HE is the Supreme Father of all Tántrikii Scriptures.

HE says that, it is the proper interpretation of Diikśá, and for spiritual progress, not only for spiritual progress but also in, but also for progress in psychic stratum, one must undergo this process of Diikśá, there is no other alternative.