SILENT ACTION{purely Original Discourse in Hindi}


15 October 1978 morning, Patna, INDIA

These couples are of two generation.

You see that they have collected most of the points and rest 9 points will be collected within today, they are saying. If it is done, it is well and good, but here regarding these 16 points, one or two points have to be said, that is, not regarding this revolutionary marriages, but regarding the Sixteen Points, it was said that an A´ca´rya/a´s or senior persons would see if you were observing those points properly or not.

Similarly, I gave a directive to all and also have given my consent that one must keep keen watch on this 16 points amongst one another very strictly. No one will be exempted.

Here I have to say a special thing.

If the conduct of senior persons, or Ta´ttvika or A´ca´rya or Avadhu´ta, goes against the Sixteen Points, then amongst yourself, one should take Silent action.

What is Silent action?

Suppose there is an A´ca´rya/a´ who delivers sermons about the dos and don’ts, and issues different decrees.

But suppose one does something which merits criticism by society – suppose, for example, some may secretly investigates the caste of the potential marriage partner for his/her son or daughter.

If this happens, it will be the duty of the A´CA´RYA Board or Avadhu´ta Board or Ta´ttvika Board to take suitable action. However, it will take time to initiate the action, because facts, evidence and many other things are needed. Until an action based on facts and evidence is taken, you can take Silent action against the party.

What is Silent action?

Suppose there is a complaint against an A´ca´rya/a´ and you know for sure that it is valid.

The A´CA´RYA Board may take a month, two months, or a year to make a decision about this A´ca´rya/a´.

But why should you wait that long for the decision?

Under such circumstances you should take Silent action – that is, do not accept the person’s A´ca´rya-ship. ….It is a question of human rights, because Aca´ran´a´t pa´t´hayati yah sah A´ca´ryah – “One who teaches through one’s conduct is an A´ca´rya.” If you cannot learn anything from the conduct and behavior of a certain person, why should you accept that person as an A´ca´rya/a´?

Let the Boards do their duty.

The Boards have their functions, and the Aca´rya Board will certainly take the proper action at the proper time. Meanwhile, you take Silent action against the offending A´ca´rya/a´.

And what will be the nature of this Silent action?

You will disavow the person as an A´ca´rya/a´; you will not accept the person as an A´ca´rya/a´. I have given this authority in you. I will never seek any explanation from you as to why you have disavowed the person.

Human beings will win honor if they exhibit exemplary conduct.

Although this is not written down as part of any code of conduct, my considered opinion is that if a person fails to marry, or fails to arrange the marriages of his or her brothers, sisters, sons or daughters, according to the revolutionary-marriage system, that family person will not be allowed to become an A´ca´rya/a´.

What you say, in this way the door will be closed on their becoming, and enjoying the rights of, A´ca´rya.

In other words, those who have married according to the revolutionary-marriage system, and those who joined Ánanda Marga after their marriages, should arrange the revolutionary marriages of their brothers and sisters.

And if their brothers and sisters are already married, then at least they should arrange the revolutionary marriages of their sons and daughters.

I think this is a really logical step.

There is no place for hypocrites in our Organization.

Do not indulge in unnecessary criticism of offenders, but immediately take suitable steps, under a certain system, against them.

This system should henceforth be called “Silent Action”, do you agree?

Henceforth, keep the name has “Silent Action”. Although it is Silent action, it will force strict adherence to our Principles, and it will put those against whom it is directed to shame.

What do you say A´CA´RYA Board Secretary?

If its Ok, it will always take some time for the Board to pronounce its verdict in a case, because it is not easy to arrive at a verdict.

Somebody ask some question and Ba’ba’ verifies that whether he is an A´ca´rya, yes. Then, whatever you have undertaken in your particular case, it is perfectly alright. You have done your duty properly.

Sincerity is reflected only in actions, not in words . One who displays sincerity in words but not in actions is a hypocrite.

You should not tolerate hypocrites, not at all.

But do not indulge in criticism. If you criticize too much, that will create internal weaknesses in oneself. So carefully abstain from criticism. Instead of criticizing, simply do not accept such persons in practical life.

That I have already explained in the definition of A´ca´rya, Aca´ran´a´t Pa´thayati yah sah A´ca´ryah – “One who teaches through one’s conduct is an A´ca´rya.” If one’s conduct is not exemplary, one is not an A´ca´rya/a´.

The verdict of the Board in this regard is not your concern what the Board comes out.

Then everything is fine. I have to say something.

Then whether I have to give any sermon today or not.

Then BA’BA’ delivers “Nityam´ Shuddham´” Discourse getting permission from amongst devotees present and ask whether i will have to give in English or Hindi or Bangla.

Then Devotees says, please deliver in Hindi,BA’BA’.

Then BA’BA’ confirms, who will transcribe into English and Bangla language and confirms who will be doing?