“I will make “gods” of my workers & great saints of my margiis, other planets await you, finish your work on this planet at the earliest, so you can continue your work on other planet” — Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii

My Inspiration of this site and whole being is always my dearest and nearest sacrosanct BÁBÁ, whose advent I was eagerly questioning & searching, when I was around 16-17 years old.

Oh, Baul of Rarh! Who are you searching for ? The Baul replied, “The One am I searching for- I am not finding HIM. Can you tell me where HE is?” This is the eternal question of all Bauls of Rarh.
Not only the Bauls, it is the eternal question of all spiritual aspirants of the world.

In the same manner, I was deeply pondering inside saying, if so Lord any where in this world, if you have taken birth, let me just COME TO know about YOU, EVEN I needn’t have to meet YOU in person, even then I feel that my life will be liberated from this bondage of knowing YOU/GOD.
I was searching and asking many known spiritualist to help me to get proper knowledge about “How to attain GOD” and ALSO reading many spiritual books, attending lot of Spiritual sermons, practicing prayers for the Love of GOD and sincerely submitting completely my everything unto HIM even while playing or doing any thing in my life; since very early stage of my life. With this feeling I was requesting my Lord to show me a real path. THIS ACCORDING TO BÁBÁ IS KNOWN AS “PRAN´IPA´TA” – that is Complete Surrender.

Since boyhood this earnest yearning to Know “Does GOD exist and whether HE has taken birth in any part of this planet” was continuing unconditionally by all means, attempting with full zeal in so many ways to get clear of this PARIPRASHNA (Supreme Question)?. This Supreme Question was answered when I came in contact with an Avadhúta in “The Path of Infinite Divine Bliss” called “ÁNANDA MÁRGA”. THIS ACCORDING TO BÁBÁ IS KNOWN AS “PARIPRASHNA”.

From my boyhood, I didn’t like to see any suffering living being without food or undergoing affliction of any sort in society. Then & there without second thought I’ll have to hustle to give assistance by any kind and necessitate them service unconditionally because my heart was melting for those helpless beings. This tendency made me to render Seva/Service in true sense since boyhood. THIS ACCORDING TO BÁBÁ IS KNOWN AS “SEVAYA”.

The Tantric scriptures also describes the qualities of an ideal disciple : tranquil; modest and humble ; of pure soul ; having reverence; capable of receiving ideas clearly; competent and ever ready to carry out the Guru’s command; able to raise one’s own kundalini; having requisite knowledge and experience; of noble conduct; and having a balanced mind. —- Shrii P.R.Sarkar/Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii

by HIS MOST Loving Disciple who planned & presented about this Web-Site.

All this creation from a smallest of small and largest of large is of HIS Creation, that is creation in HIS own Supra-ectoplasmic plate. So controlling every thing on HIS own Sweet Will from nadir point of HIS Existence, the creation is never ending till every spell of HIS existence culminates at the same nadir point of HIS existence, only all over again from HIS own sweet Will to withdraw any part of HIS creation as per HIS own governing Laws(Liila).

Being HIS loving Sons/Daughters, one must always have an earnest endeavor to fulfill one’s responsibilities of coming on to this Earth.

One must move always closer to closer doing “ Self Realization Practices and Selfless Service to all animate and inanimate entities” . Doing this practices earnestly, will finally one day allow us to reach that Supreme Terminus, the Supreme Father’s Lap.

That Supreme Terminus, the Supreme Father’s Lap is not a theoretical Entity but your Loving Guardian, only one and only Lord of Lords, Supreme Progenitor, Supreme Guru and Supreme Noumenal Entity, who is one’s Real Friend, who will take upon HIS Lap when proper time comes.

So it is our BÁBÁ – the most nearest and dearest One, Who took birth in the physical frame of Shrii Prabhát Raiṋjan Sarkár in this 20th century on this Galaxy, whereby our planet Earth is being Blessed with such MAHÁSAMBHÚTI’s advent giving such definite recognized hope to humans teaching all mundane and supra-mundane practices, so that everybody can be liberated from all bondages to realize their coming, that is by Knowing “WHO AM I”.

Those who have realized in practice and not in theory will be in a position as well as able to guide and bring everybody on to this “PATH OF INFINTIE DIVINE BLISS” to create “GREAT UNIVERSE”.

These Website will illustrate all the teachings that have been transmitted by SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI, whom I came to know by HIS Sole Grace that MY BELOVED is none other than the only PRECEPTOR in the true spirit.

All HIS astuteness and directives, instructions, information, commands, advices, directions —specifically the structure of “ÁNANDA MÁRGA PRACÁRAKA SAḾGHA” the mission which has been created by Shrii Prabhát Raiṋjan Sarkár will cent per cent lead one beyond all narrow divisions, this narrow tendencies which was existing, which is existing and which exists in every part of this world dividing humans based on sexual preconceived notion, social group and article of faith with sectarian and religious conviction.

Understanding our Beloved Preceptor’s viewpoint in this website, which is based on Fore thought Intuitionally the hidden truth which can be Scientifically experimented with only Universal Outlook, the progressive person of today and coming generation will without second thought acknowledge to consider all this subject matter for Benevolent Service.

This challenge to express these Ideas clearly has been a confidential effort of me only. Explicitly, the deep love and respect for my BÁBÁ is an expression, I feel for my Lord of Lords, Supreme Progenitor, Supreme Guru, Supreme Subjectivity of all subjectivities SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI’s each and every contribution must be researched no doubt but only when one truly establishes in Átmajiṋánam, Knowledge of the Self, which implies the attainment of the Goal.

So before revealing or commenting about our PRECEPTOR and any of HIS Works with one’s small cranium, practice Vishiśt́a RájádhirájaYoga based on Tantra SÁDHANÁ for átmajiṋána, Knowledge of the Self.

That is uptil and until One Knows or understand himself/herself, how one can say something of others and about Beloved PRECEPTOR “SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI” .

In all the Web contents, which have been prepared and understood by practising Vishiśt́a Rájádhirája Yoga based on TANTRA SÁDHANÁ   and going through BÁBÁ’s all Works with my small cranium has enabled me to narrate SHRII SHRII ÁNANDAMÚRTI as only Personality to be declared giving the status GURU/PRECEPTOR/FATHER/COSMIC-CONSCIOUSNESS/GOD/TÁRAKA BRAHMA or any existing word in human feat in true spirit be labelled.

I hope and trust that the benefit of this Website will unmistakably justify the readers going through this Web-Pages to find their own ANSWERS about GOD/true-GUIDE/Supreme-FATHER/GURU/SUPREME PROGENITOR/TÁRAKA BRAHMA etc.

This self-effacing hard work are dedicated for solitary reason that my life is only to BÁBÁ and HIS mission to establish “ÁNANDA MÁRGA BHÁGAVATA DHARMA”.