In Memory of Shrii P.R.Sarkar


In the pages that follow PROUT has attempted to present for its readers a bird’s-eye view of the different phases of the legendary figure of Shrii.P.R.Sarkar. The first part begins with the Birth.

Parama Purusa is unchangeable. He is Absolute Truth which is not affected by time, place or person. Whatever the time, age or the period, He remains unchanged. Whatever the planet, the country or the town and house where HE dwells, He remains unchanged. And whatever shape, form or identity He takes HE remains unchanged. Infancy, boyhood or youth does not make any change in HIM. He would always remain the same. All the ages are within Him and He does not only have the experiences and knowledge of all these, but even exhibits that in HIS most common place activities.

Purnima(full moon) has a special significance in certain countries. In India, this day has been associated with many important events. This day has also been observed by many as a special festival but in recent centuries the birth of Gautam Buddha on Vaisakhi Purnima has been outstanding event.

The followers of the Buddha gather early morning every year on this day and pray constantly for hours with their wheels, cymbals and rosaries, not knowing that very soon this day was going to assume a very great universal importance. Fifty years back on this day, simultaneously with the rising of the sun, a boy was born in Jamalpur, a small town in Bihar. The time was such that not only the Buddhist monks and followers but people of all religions and faiths were chanting the name of the Almighty in their various languages and forms. For this was the time when the mullah in the nearby mosques was drawing the attention of His song through His Azan.

This was the time when all the temples in the world suddenly became alive with the blowing of conch-shells, beating of brass plates and singing loudly  the devotional songs as the pujaris (priests) waved a dozen lights around the images of the gods. The devout all over the world had started their prayers, not knowing what had suddenly been awakened by the devotional outburst of its population.

At dawn on the Vaisakhi Purnima the house of Shrii Lakshmi Narayan Sarkar wore a very festive appearance. The family was expecting a son to be born as Shrii Lakshmi Narayan had a vision that his desire to have a son was to be fulfilled this time. His mother, sister sister-in-law, and many others had come to Jamalpur from the native village Bamunpara in Burdwan district of Bengal and their joy was unbounded when they saw the brightly lit scarlet colour of the rising sun reflected in the just-born infant. News spread all over Jamalpur and bands in colourful costumes thronged in front of his house. Stream of visitors, the priests and pandits, friends of Shrii Lakshmi Narayan started pouring in and congratulating the family. It was not a day of rejoicing for the family only but for the entire town of Jamalpur, in fact for the whole universe for the coming of Parama Purusa is such a rarity. Yet perhaps the family did not realize it.

Coming events cast their shadows. The infant’s grandmother was very happy as this was her first grandson and she ordered her daughter and daughter-in-law to bring cow’s fresh milk in a sliver cup to be given to the infant according to the tradition of the family. The infant lay quietly in his cradle looking all around but when the cup was brought near Him for putting some milk in His mouth He caught hold of the cup and took it to His lips. He did not stop there but even started sipping the milk.

All the three ladies were amazed but the grandmother dismissed the incident by simply calling the infant Burha i.e, an ancient soul which has the all the knowledge of all the times. It was an instantaneous expression but she did not realize that it is also one of the names of Shiva and that it showed that time, place and person could not change Him.

A horoscope of the infant was prepared instantly. All the astrologers most of whom were friends of the father, put their heads together to come to an agreed chart showing the position of the various stars and planets at the time of the birth. But whoever read the horoscope was greatly perplexed as their reading was self-contradictory at almost every stage. They said the child was going to bring tremendous fame to the father and the family. The name of the family would be known across the seven seas, due to this child.

Yet, instantly they read that this child will have nothing to do with His family. He would be as much an outsider for the family as any unknown person. The family would get no support from Him. Then again they went on calculating and reading and said the child has the qualities of a king. He would be a regal personality. He would have numerous sons and daughters and in the same breath they said He would be a Sadhu who would spend all His life with Sannyasis and persons who would have no desire for the worldly things. These contradictions could not be reconciled by them and the only conclusion they could reach was that the child will become a Sadhu and would have nothing to do with the family. This unnerved the father very much.

He had wanted, prayed and worshipped Shiva for a son who would be a son in the literal sense of the word. He did not want a Sadhu to be born in the family. His worry was accentuated further because of the family history which showed a tendency in many past generations of adopting the life of a Sadhu. He felt annoyed with himself for having associated with the learned Sadhus, priests and pandits of the country who always found a hospitable abode in the house of Shrii Lakshmi Narayan Sarkar whenever they passed through Jamalpur. He feared that this atmosphere of the house had affected the infant. There was, however, no remedy at that stage except that the child should be kept as far away as possible from such influence. He could not disbelieve the prophecy of the astrologers for he himself could read the same future for his son. It was decided that the horoscope should be burnt as if this could change the course of future carved out by the unknown. But for Shrii Lakshmi Narayan there was some satisfaction in keeping it a close secret.

The mention of horoscope and what it foretold was off-limits in the family and his circle of friends.

The child by the common consent of all the pandits and family members was named Arun which is the name of the rising sun.

It was felt that the name was most appropriate as it described the bright color of the infant’s body which appeared to reflect the cool light of the rising sun. The astrologers thought that the boy would be an illustrious successor to His ancestors who had been famous as scholars and Tantrika Sadhakas.

He would in this way be carrying on the tradition of the family to perfection in the same way as the rising sun follows the footsteps of all the preceding suns of previous days.

Arun was in their opinion the most befitting name for HIM.

Little Arun was not even a year old when He had to leave his parents. Shrimatii Abharani was expecting another child and it was very difficult for her to manage the little one all alone. Besides, perhaps the astrologers also desired that in the interest of the parents and the coming child He should be kept away. This had to be done and strangely enough instead of sending Arun to one of His relations, Shrii Lakshmi Narayan handed Him over to a friend with whom he stayed for some time and then returned to His mother.