Conversation during Field Walk of Beloved Bábá in April 1969, MANILA{purely Original Talk}

[I have typed hearing the tape, as it is....]

Meditation has got an immense force within its spirit, that force is to be aroused, that spirit is to be aroused, that is immense infinite potentiality in each and every living being, nobody is unimportant, nobody is unimportant; everybody is important,

PA speaks – WE have to become Baba -

In the entire universe there is only one unimportant being, each and every entity is important, nobody is unimportant, only one, one – I am unimportant.

And you boys are all important.

In India there is a word – VIP you know, VERY IMPORTANT PERSON – VIP – Very Important person, VIP.

For them there are separate hotels, separate chambers everything,

Certain category of people, that these cadres VIP in the country.

They get hospitality in circuit house, dak bungalows.

In Allahabad, they treated ME as VIP, in an important town of India, they treated as VIP. I said, Yes,

it is a correct judgement, I am VIP, not because I am Very Important person, but because I am Very Insignificant person.

Jagriti in each and every state, “Jagriti” means “Yoga House”.

What’s the distance of that American Cemetery from this place where we are at present now? How much in kilometers from this place?

Brother speaks : Almost the same, almost the same, with the only exception that the road there is blocked because it is under repair.

At these time ……. to that Cemetery,

I like the entire world.

No particular place, but all.

But all.

Yard of the cemetery is very encouraging for spiritual aspirants, for sádhaka,

Many of the Sádhakas are initiated there.

My little boy,

My little boy,

What should I do?

Then I play, I jump,

I role on the ground,

I dance, I sing

I like to move around,

what else should I do,

little boy, little boy,

What should I do?

the then PA asks Beloved Bábá - “Is this a poem, Bábá to memorize?”

This poem is composed by ME, when I was a boy of 18.