NEWS about Baba’s health

On 6-5-74 Ac Keshvananda ji, Ac. Jagadishvarananda ji, Ac Sujit ji and one more person met Baba inBankipur Central Jail. The visitors went to Him on the occasion of His 53rd birth anniversary. They garlanded Him and Prostrated before Him. HE lied on a small and simple cot; His voice has become indistinct and low; so low that it was inaudible to visitors even from a little distance of a foot. Still HE was trying to utter some words, but the sound of His utterance was almost inaudible.

His ear-organs has also been affected and HE is now short of hearing. His body looks bony and seems to be extremely weak and has reduced to a lean and thin figure.

On 13-5-74 – Ac. Dasarath ji and Ac. Kedar Ji met Baba. On that day, they, with all their sincerity mingled with deep devotion, approached Baba to take some juice. But Baba replied negatively repeating His sacred decision that until His genuine 4 demands are accepted by the authority, He will not touch any food.

So, still HE is continuing His fast and surviving on Horlicks only since 1st April, 1973.