It is very difficult to get an opportunity of service. Those are fortunate who get the same. Such occasions are rare in history when a man could get the opportunity for the performance of noble cause.

When India and other countries were under a foreign yoke, some leaders availed the opportunity to do some sacrifices for the nation and they became famous by their dedication, sacrifice and patriotism. Now, this occasion is never to come.

Even if one likes to do such dedication and sacrifices.

Those days are gone and they will never return.

So, the wisdom demands that one should immediately avail the opportunity of such service when it comes before him/her. Otherwise, one will have to repent, to have lost the opportunity.

One more such opportunity of service is before the Mankind.

At present Morality and Dharma are under the bondage. It is our imperative duty to liberate them. Everywhere sentient people are groaning under the feet of static nature of people.

People wish to lead a moral and honest life and live peacefully.

They only require inspiration, bold guidance and help.

There is enough opportunity of service throughout the length and breadth of the earth.

Let us scatter everywhere as Tattvikas, Acaryas and Avadhutas to serve them in a different ways.

All the young men are invited to join the mission and create a spiritual stir in every human heart. Such golden opportunity was never before us.

We all are with OUR BELOVED GURU, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii who is giving clarion call to all spiritual aspirants to work for HIS mission  throughout the world.

Now, Ananda Marga Philosophy is followed and practiced in all the nine sectors of the world. Everywhere there is a great demand of workers.

This shows the popularity of the Philosophy. The message Beloved B ABA has given on the occasion of the New Year’s 1979 has been published in 28 languages of the world.


“With the progress of science, the globe has become smaller to the human eye. No place of earth is now inaccessible, and this is why it is the most opportune moment for building a universal human society. Set yourselves to this task without any further delay. Remember, a human society based on Ideology must be built with the help of all the moralists and progressive-minded people of the Universe….. This is the only way for the survival of human civilization.

The task will inevitably be fraught with obstacles, and by combating them you will have to be victorious”.  – 1.1.1979 Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

Recently Dharma Maha Cakra were held in all the four corners of India i.e., Kalikata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai on the 12 November, the 19 November, the 26 November and 3 December, 1978 respectively.

Everywhere, there was a large number of gathering of Sadhakas.

Invitations for such DMC has come from Manila, Berlin, Kahira, Nairobi, New York, Sydney, Hongkong and George Town sectors.

Those who will work for such great and noble cause will be great and remembered in the world history forever.

The characters of Mahabharata who worked with Shrii Krsna became immortal in human history.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii has taken up the work of Maha Vishva in HIS hand. It is our Duty to strengthen HIS hand by fulfilling HIS Mission.