Place & Date unknown, INDIA

This below typed transcript in english is from rare audio file “Embodiment bestowing Non-Causal Blessings” from Beloved Preceptor — the audio  has to be edited properly to be displayed. Sorry for the inconvenience..…

“Everything is causal, everything is blessing/incident. Everything is Causal.

Only three entities are non-causal, are of non-causal character.

One is “Transmutation of Non-Attributional Entity into Attributional faculty”.

Second one is “Vision of this Universe” &

Third one “The KRPÁ of Parama Puruśa”.

Parama Puruśa is not to explain for HIS conduct, HE is “Ya hunkii Krpá” or “when HE attracts anybody towards HIM”.

These three entities, three items are of “Non Causal Character” – Ya hi huinkii Krpá, That is “Non Causal Blessings” or say “That is HIS Krpá”.

The word “Bara” means “Bri artha Bara” and for say “in the proper spirit of the term – “Bara” means this universe because this is a biggest attainment, HE is the Holder, it is biggest physical urge.

HE is the biggest container in the psychic world is infinite and the biggest abode, in the realm of spirituality is the status of “Non Attributional”.

The other synonyms term for the “Bara” in Saḿskrta are Bhú, Bhúmi, Dhará, Dharitrii Sarvaḿsahá,

Vasumatii, Gotra ku, Prthivii, Prthvi Kśamá, Avanii, Medinii, Mahli….they are all synonyms term.

Another term for the contained elements is Vasu, “Vasu” means “Container”, that’s why the word is also known as “Vasumatii or Vasika”…. …