About 150 years ago, it was just a small village. Jamalpur got its name from a devout Muslim gentleman Jamal Miya’n, who settled there after migrating from the village of Rajnagar in Birbhumn district, West Bengal. His grave can still be found on the eastern fringe of Jamalpur at the foot of the hill, and on the anniversary of his death, there is an annual fair in his memory. February 8, 1862 is a historic day for Jamalpur. It was decided on this day to build a huge workshop. The biggest locomotive workshop in Asia was established in Jamalpur.

In 1908, passing matriculation and searching a job in Calcutta and working as a stenographer in a British based Indian firm. With a help of a relative – secured a suitable job with the railway office at Jamalpur. In 1915, Shrii Lakshmi Narayan Sarkar & Srimati Abharani Sarkar settled in Jamalpur, Bihar, India.

Beloved Sadguru Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar birth took place, where most part of world are muslim, the name of Jamalpur is a Muslim – Jamal Miyan. Beloved Baba birth place Keshabpur – was named after the leader of Brahma Samaj (Brahmananda Keshab Sen).

Beloved Baba took HIS advent on Buddha Purnima, a full moon day – most part of Asia give recognition to Buddha.

When Beloved Baba took HIS advent, Smt Indumati Mitra, wife of Haridas Mitra, a disciple of Swami Vivekananda brought a little milk in a silver pot – to everyone’s surprise,the new born grasped the wick from the hand of Smt Mirta and started to drink the milk. Grandmother Binapani Sarkar “arre”, HE is not a baby; HE is a grown up boy! From that moment, HE was named “Burho” & shortened to “Bubu”.

Beloved Baba was the 4th child in a family of 8 children.

Sister Hiraprabha – born 1917

Sister Kanakprabha – born with

Brother died at birth

Beloved Baba took HIS advent – 1921

Young brother Sudhangashu Ranjain

younger sister Bijaliprabha died at the young age of 18 years

younger brothers Himanshu Ranjain and

youngest brother Manas Ranjain Sarkar

Dedication: To the sacred memory of the Late Antaryamin Jha and the Late Pandit P.K.Iyer by whose grace I got training in the rhythm and metre of the Vaedic language; of the Late Pandit Hiyalal Jha, whose compassionate guidance helped ME to cross the threshold of the world of Music; of the Late Maulavi Abulla Hil Baki Murum Saheb, at whose nobel heart, I had the opportunity to attain some knowledge of Arabic and Persian; and to the memory of the Late Bijan kumar Chattopadhyaya , on whose nobel lap began MY education —- Shrii P.R.Sarkar

Beloved Baba studied at Keshabpur Primary School from 1927 to 1930.

Later Eastern Indian Railway High School in 1931.

Headmaster – Bhavani Charan Mitra – English

Assistant Headmaster – Muralidhara Varnave – Mathematics

Master – Pandit Ram Chandra Jha – Samskrta

Teacher – Sureshwar Das – Bengali

Teacher – Maulavi Abdullah Hil Baki – Urdu

Mahavir Prasad, Siddhanath Jha, Narsingh Jha; Ksirood Dutta, Ksirood Ray; Jadunandan Prasad, Nalini Gar; Rupnarayan Jha, Domanlal Das & others.

February 12, 1936 – Father Shri Lakshmi Narayan Sarkar passed 11:20pm.

In 1939, Beloved Baba passed High School Examination with Distinction.

Sharad Chandra Bose admitted his nephew(Beloved Baba) in Vidyasagar College in Calcutta.

Beloved Baba’s maternal uncle lived in his own house at the junction of Kashimitra Ghat and Dhanada Ghosh street in Calcutta.

Ajit kumar Biswas – passed his entrance examination & he too was admitted. He took Arts and Beloved Baba took Science has major

Beloved Baba’s physics laboratory notebook used in second year(2nd) Intermediate Science class – HIS role number is 65.

Dedicated HIS Book: Problems of the Day to Subhash Chandra Bose which was given as a Renaissance Discourse on 26 January, 1958 DMC in Trimohan, Bihar.

Beloved Baba introduced Renaissance Universal in this Dharma Maha Cakra(DMC) & gave an RU Discourse as the President of Renaissance Universal(RU).

Beloved Baba had studied with Rabin Mazumdar – long standing reputation as an actor in Hindi & Bengali Cinema

Beloved Baba had studied with Anil kumar dey – popular Football player of National team.