Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Jii arrived at Calcutta on 22 February, 1983 in the afternoon from Ranchi. HE had left Calcutta for Anandanagar D.M.C in the last week of December 1982. After D.M.C., HE left for Ranchi and was staying there in HIS residence.

HIS Cataracts in both eyes, due to the adverse effect of poisoning administered to HIM while in Bankipur Central Jail on 12th February 1973, were removed by operation by Dr. P.C.Gupta of Ranchi Medical College.

Now, HE has got a very clear vision. HE was very happy when HE arrived here.

HE was received warmly and garlanded profusely by HIS devotees when HE arrived here after a pretty long time.