1. Sister Hiraprabha – born 1917

2. Sister Kanakprabha – died only at 2 and half years

3. Brother _________ – died at Birth,

4. Beloved Bábá – was born 1921

5. Sudhangashu Ranjan – 1 and half years after Beloved Bábá

6. Younger Sister died at age of 18 years Bijali Prabha

Bábá’s two brothers lastly –

7. Himanshu Ranjan &

8. Manas Ranjan –

Surviving are Sudhangashu Ranjan, Himanshu Ranjan and Manas Ranjan.

Prior Incident of BELOVED Bábá’s Victorious Release on 2 August, 1978.

    Thus said Bábá

  • When Bábá was given the news of the court verdict, HE was calm and quiet as usual. When asked to comment on the verdict, HE said : “I am not a Politician, I have my Hearty Good will for the whole Human Society.”
  • When a group of Ánanda Margiis reached Bankipur jail gate in a victory procession after the verdict of the Patna High Court was announced, Bábá sent a message for them in a small sentence “ You will be victorious in every sphere of life.”
  • Immediately after hearing news of the victory, Bábá said : “Just go ahead pulling the strings of the chariot, victory will run after you. You need not run after victory. Remember, the wheels of the chariot never stop at the barking of street curs.”
  • Bábá is making Ananda Marga and its followers ideologically stronger through clash and struggle. In this connection, HE spoke something very significant just two days before the announcement of the verdict – “ IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A SOLID STRUCTURE YOU WILL HAVE TO GET IT SEASONED THROUGH THE RAIN AND THE SCORCHING SUN. IT TAKES SOME TIME NO DOUBT, BUT THE STRUCTURE BECOMES SOUND AND DURABLE. SIMILARLY MAY BE SOME PEOPLE HAVE GOTTEN DISAPPOINTED IN SEEING OUR DIFFICULTIES.
  • Ac Ramtanukji was quite worried and anxious even after the High court verdict was announced on the 4th July, 1978. He had an interview with Beloved Bábá in the jail. He looked visibly worried, because Beloved Bábá was yet to be granted bail in the Ranchi bomb case. Therefore, he anxiously approached Bábá and said, “Bábá, I am apprehensive that they(CBI) will create troubles in getting bail granted in the Ranchi case. Bábá smiled and told Ramtanukji “When the ship is sunk, how long can the anchor remain afloat”?
  • As soon as the news of the victory had spread, Ac Satyananda Avadhuta come to Beloved Ba’ba with a sense of joy and reverence and asked, “Ba’ba, is the drama over”? “Ba’ba replied, “The first chapter of Kurukśetra is over.”
  • Who would first bring the news of the victory to Ba’ba? Immediately after receiving the news, Barun kumar was rushing towards Ba’ba’s cell. From the other side, the jail doctor was also rushing towards the cell. Both of them were panting and out of breath with excitement when they reached the front of Ba’ba’s cell. The jail doctor caught hold of Barun kumar’s hand and exhorted him: “Barun Babu, please allow me to break the news of this Great Victory to Ba’ba. Barun kumar ji appreciated the doctor’s sincerity and said O.K. Go and inform. Thereafter the doctor went in and told the news.

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