FURTHER NAMES OF THE SUPREME[purely Original Discourse]


8 December 1964, Salem

“Ráma”, The root verb is ” ram “. In SAḾSKRTA, “Ram” means “to enjoy”, “to rejoice”. The

root verb “Ram” plus the suffix “Ghain” makes the word “Ráma”.

“Ráma” means “Source of Enjoyment”. The object from which Yogis get pleasure is Ráma – Rámante yoginah yasmin.

Here “Pleasure” means “Supramundane Beatitude”, “Supramundane Blessedness”.

This is the meaning of the word “Ráma”.

That is, “Ráma” means that “Supreme Consciousness”.

The next word was SHIVA. SHIVA also means “Consciousness”.

In ancient times about, About 6500 years ago, there was a great, Great Yogi in India named SHIVA, or Sadáshiva.

HE always maintained HIS Spiritual unison with the Supreme Cognitive Principle, with the Supreme Self.

And HIS Unison with the Supreme Self was never interrupted by any worldly vibrations.

It was without any break, without any pause.

And that’s why other Yogis accepted HIM as their object of Adoration, and HE became “Maháyogi”.

So in later SAḾSKRTA, the word “SHIVA” was also used in the sense of “Cosmic Consciousness”, in the sense of “Cosmic Blessedness”, in the sense of the “Eternal Ocean of Beatitude”. So SHIVA also means the Cosmic Consciousness.

And the third one is “Mahádeva”. Deva — this Universe is compared with a Wheel, the Cosmological Wheel, the Cosmo-Psychic wheel. And the hub of this Wheel is Puruśottama; the Nucleus of this Wheel is the Puruśottama. And the spokes — there are innumerable spokes — what are these spokes?

The spokes are various Vibrations, Various Vibrational Sounds, various Vibrational Lights.

So these spokes, these Vibrations, these innumerable vibrations, are called Deva.

Deva means “Divine vibration”; Deva means “Divine effulgence”.

And “Mahádeva” means “Supreme Deva”; that is, this hub, this hub of the Wheel, this Nave of the Wheel, this nucleus of this Cosmological order, is Mahádeva.

So in the Shiva Stotram it has been said: Tava tattvaḿ na jánámi kiidrshosi Maheshvara; Yádrshosi Mahádeva tadrsháya namo namah”.

“O Mahádeva, I don’t know, how Thou art, what Thou art, because an individual with his finite brain can’t comprehend it.”

That’s why Sádhaka says:

Tava tattvaḿ na jánámi, Ahaḿ Tava tattvaḿ na jánámi, Ahaḿ Tava tattvaḿ na veda” — “I don’t know how Thou art, What Thou art, but I prostrate before Thou.

What Thou?

I don’t know what Thou art, but whatever Thou art, I prostrate before that Thou.”

Yádrshosi Mahádeva tadrsháya namo Namah. This is the meaning of “Mahádeva”.

So “Mahádeva” means “the Supreme Divine Effulgence”. That is, the..

What should I say?

The Supreme Causal Factor of this Universe. Not the Causal Matrix, but the Causal Factor.