Jaya shubhavajradhara shubhra kalevara

Vyághrámbara Hara dehi padam;

Jaya Viśáńaninádaka kleshavidúraka

Sarvadhiidháraka dehi padam;

Jaya Ádipitá Ádideva mantresha Mahádeva

Bhávátiita abhinava dehi padam;

Rajatagirinibha madhumaya durlabha

Ánanda amitábha dehi padam;

Jaya satya sanátana paramapadam.

Victory to the benevolent wielder of the thunderbolt,

The one with white-complexioned body

Clad in tiger-skin – give me shelter at Your feet;

Victory to the blower of the long horn, the remover of all afflictions,

The Supreme entity in whom all intellect is sheltered – give me shelter at Your feet;

Victory to the First Father, the First Lord, the lord of mantra, the God of Gods,

Beyond thought, ever-new – give me shelter give me shelter at Your feet;

One who looks like a silver mountain, full of sweetness, difficult to attain,

Blissful, infinitely radiant – give me shelter at Your feet;

Victory to the supreme, eternal truth.

In the Shivagiiti as well the dhyana mantra of Shiva, Shiva is described as rajatagirinibha’. That is, the physical appearance of Shiva was like a great silver mountain. Not only the external complexion of Shiva was silvery, His mind also was stainless and sparkling white. There was no difference b/w the inside and outside of the white-complexioned Shiva, the embodiment of na’da.

Shiva, the great intellectual, great yogi, great tapasvii, the most glorious one, whose inside and outside were in perfect balance, was the shelter and the vehicle for the development of others.

“Oh Lord,

You know everything.

I have nothing to hide from You.”

If you are not the ever-beautiful One,

Then why should the sun, moon, planets, and stars

All cling to your feet?

The flowers diffuse your sweetness,

The wind carries your exquisite grace.

Rivers, mountains forests and glades

All proclaim your glory

From the great to the greater

You are the greatest;

You are the Lord of the helpless,

The life of the universe.

Your touch removes all agony

And bestows peace in the heart

So those who suffer the constant pain of separation

All yearn for You

Taken from Namah Shivaya Shantaya

By Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.