02 June, 1990 Renaissance Universal Speech, ANANDANAGAR, INDIA.

These are the new AVADHÚTA / AVADHÚTIKÁ’s – They will be going to different corners of this Earth, to propagate the Gospel of Peace, to propagate the Ideology of Neo- Humanism, they will be representing the Crimson Dawn & they will create a NEW WORLD in near future. I Hope –



Sádhaná is essential for every individual because without practicing it, all round development is not possible. The ultimate Goal of Sádhaná (Intuitional practice) is to merge into the Absolute.

Almighty (BÁBÁ) is the Supreme Father of all living beings and thus everyone has the right of attaining supreme bliss.

Intuitional practices or Sádhaná can be practiced even while living with the family and as a member of society.

It is not all necessary for one desirous of practicing Sádhaná to give up one’s family or to severe their connections with their relations and obligations of the world towards their family and the Society.

One has to develop a subjective approach through objective adjustment.

The lives of those, who have to be instrumental in fulfilling the Mission of the Supreme Father to establish an ideal society, will naturally be different from those of the others who form the common mass. Such few have to serve as the foundation stones in the edifice of the great, ideal society.

Like the foundation stones of a great building they have to shoulder the entire weight and have to deny themselves the privilege of even the common comforts of the world.

They have no relationship with any individual and have no personal life. Their life has to be open like a book.

Their lives will have no other purpose but to be the symbol of the Ideology. Such elevated persons are called Avadhútas/tikas.

According to the ancient traditions there are two branches of persons who give up their everything for an ideology. One is the Sannya’sii and the other is the Avadhúta/tika. One, who sacrifices everything of their life for the attainment of liberation and salvation, is called Sannya’sii.

The meaning of the word Sannya’sii is become one with the Absolute or Brahma and to have their base on Satya – the Absolute Truth – after giving up all the relationships with the materialistic world.

While, One who sacrifices everything of their Personal life for the service of the universe is called Avadhúta/tika. They are desire less as far as their personal life is concerned. Even the desire of salvation for their personal self has to be given up by them. Every particle, every atom of their body has to be utilized for the service of the universe.

The Great Yogi Nigamananda said:

Na Yogi na bhogi na va moksha’ka’mchii

Na viira’ na dhiira’ na va sa’dhakendra

Na shaivo na sha’to na va vaishnavshya

Rajatehavadhu’ta dvitiiya Maheshah

They are neither a yogi nor do they enjoy the pleasures of the world. They do not worry for salvation either. Nor do they follow any of paths of Viira’cara or Dhiirodatta. They are no great Sádhaka. They do not belong to any of the sects of Shaiva, Vaishnava or Sha’kta. An Avadhúta/tika is nothing else but a second Shiva”.

Avadhútas/tikas have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of suffering humanity. They are the servants of humanity. But they are neither slaves of mankind nor are they their Masters.

The Mission of Avadhúta’s/tika’s life will not be fulfilled and their duty will not be over even if a single person in this wide world is being exploited and made to be suffer deprivation.

The life of an Avadhúta/tika has hence to be like a lotus which grows and blossoms in water and mud without being affected by them.

The Avadhúta/tika will also similarly live and serve the society without being affected by it.

It is essential for the Avadhúta/tika to possess the capacity of remaining unchanged under the pressure of any circumstances.

Suffering any hardship or loss for the service of humanity is an asset for an Avadhúta/tika.

In the words of SHRII SHRII A´NANDAMU´RTI, for an Avadhúta/tika all the circumstances are the same:

Smasha’ne va’ grhe hiranyaeva’ trine

Tanuje va’rpau huta’se va’ jale

Svakiye va pare samatvena budhva

Viraje Avadhútam dvtiiyo Maheshah

A mansion or burial ground: a lump of gold or a straw: a friend or a foe: fire or water makes no difference for them. They see no difference in things called personal or of the others – the possessor of such universal and all-embracing heart are called Avadhútas/tikas. They are Second Shiva.”

The saffron color of the Avadhúta’s/tika’s dress is symbolic of sacrifice. It denotes the complete surrender of all their personal relationships and belongings.

They have no other relative in the universe except the Supreme Father – BÁBÁ. He alone is everything for the Avadhúta/tika.

BÁBÁ (the Supreme Father) takes the place not only of a father but also the place of mother, brother, sister and friend.

HE is the only rudder in an Avadhúta’s/tika/s life.

The dagger, hanging all the time on the shoulders of an Avadhúta/tika is symbolic of their undertaking to constantly and relentlessly fight the foes of evil and immorality.

The Avadhúta’s determination in life is to establish sentient peace which cannot be achieved without fight.

Sentient peace is actually the result of fight; the result of victory over the static forces of evil and immorality.

Their duty in life is, hence an unremitting fight against everything that makes life static or dull under the influence of a pseudo-sense of momentary peace.

The Avadhúta’s/tika’s dagger is a sign and an incessant reminder of their pledge to continue that fight.

The staff that an Avadhúta/tika carries with them is the sign of the victory of Dharma over Adharma; the victory of Vidyá over Avidyá and the victory of morality over immorality.

It is a reminder to them that at no cost can they compromise with Adharma, Avidyá and immorality.

They have to be unbending like their staff and with it to stave off even the momentary inroads of the forces of evil that may tempt them towards a compromise.

The word Avadhúta is comprised of four letters of the phonetic sounds of Saḿskrta; A + Va + Dhú + Ta.

These four letters stand for different characteristics.

A – A’sha’ pa’sha vinirmukta a’dimadhya’nta nirmalah. Ánanda vartate nityam aka’ra’stasya lakshnam’

Va – Va’sana’ varjita yena vaktavyam’ ca nira’mayam’. Vartama’neshu vartate vaka’ra’stasya lakshn’am’

Dhu – Dhu’li dhu’sara ga’tra’ni dhuta citta nira’mayah. Dha’rana’ Dhaya’n nirmukto dhu’ka’rastasya lakshnam’.

Ta – Tattva cinta’ dhrita yena cinta cesta’ vivarjita Tamohamka’ra nirmukta’staka’ra’stasya lakshanam’

The letter ‘A’ – denotes that an Avadhúta/tika is liberated from the bondage of hope (A’sha pa’sha). That an Avadhúta/tika will be pure throughout; their beginning, middle and the end would be pure and that they would remain in permanent bliss (Ánandam).

The letter ‘Va’ stands for freedom from passion and purity in speech. The Avadhúta/tika will always dwell in the present without wandering into past or future.

The letter ‘Dhú’ denotes that an Avadhúta/tika will be free from desire for luxury or even attractive dress. Their thoughts will always be pure. They will be beyond the requirements of Dhyána and Dha’rana’ etc. that is they are liberated persons.

The letter ‘Ta’ shows that an Avadhúta’s/tika’s mind is always in engaged in the meditation of the fundamental (Tattva cintan). They are beyond the bondage of worry, desire and pride (cinta’, cesta’ and Aham’kara).

In no circumstances can Avadhútas/tikas tolerate any anti-ideological activity as they are the symbols of the Ideology themselves.

They have to always bear in mind that they have not been born for merely attaining salvation through the intuitional practices of Sádhaná.

Their Goal is to fulfill the Mission of the Supreme Father. Their work is to create a momentum in the movements of humanity towards the supreme goal of all human existence.

With that tremendous task ahead no Avadhúta/tika can afford to sit idle at one place. They are members of the Cosmic society and their only work is the Service of Humanity.