THE ROLE OF THE COSMIC PURUŚA[purely Original Discourse]


26 October 1978, Patna, INDIA

It has been said, “Puruśah akartá”.

What is Puruśa?

There are several interpretations, but the most common interpretation is “Pure shete yah sah Puruśa” – HE who remains as the central point of all activities is Puruśa.


They are not free to work on their own whims, and that’s why the Parama Puruśa is known as “Guńádhiisha” – “Lord of all Guńas”, “Lord of all Operating principles”.

And the Jiivas which have been created by the Guńas as per direction or as per permission of the Cosmic Puruśa, they are Guńádhiina.

Jiivas are Guńádhiina and the Cosmic Puruśa is the Guńádhiisha.

And if the Jiivas want to be above the, beyond the bondages of the Guńas, Jiivas will have to take HIS shelter. There is no other alternative.