AS PER ONE’S CAPABILITY, THE BEST FOOD MUST BE FED[partly typed purely Original tape]



Bold letter words are from Beloved Bábá and the language is Hindi, it is translated by HIS Grace

What I should say?

For atypical reason, Niilakanta Bábá  kii Jai (some margiis shouts), Ramanandajii will say  something, people I think, people think some margiis observe Niilakanta Divas, but I said, Niilakanta Divas why does Margiis has to observe Upavasa, it is not a Upavasa day, here one thing can be done on this day, that Papii(most dreadful sinner) did an unusual thing, so Sattvikii, Sattvika Krodha(anger) can be observed.


Bábá’s says to speak in English also (for Acarya Ramananda Avadhuta).

Actually you know, on 12 February, 1973, on this very day, Bábá  was poisoned in Bankipur Central Jail.

And this conspiracy was hatched by CBI, for those who have since the very beginning, trying to finish Bábá́ from this world. On this very day in 1973, He (Bábá) was poisoned in the jail.

Actually I was the first visitor, to visit His cell, when I saw him, lying on His bed. HE was not in a position to move, HE was not in a position to speak and I came to know there was, just through indication nerves, the brain was not properly functioning, profusely watering, the eyes were red. These were the signs, which indicated When.

I came out from the jail, and enquired from doctors, some margii doctors and other doctors were there, they immediately told that, HE has, HE was, HE had been poisoned, and these are the reactions of the poison.

Then what happened is that inspite of that there must an enquiry to this incident, who is beyond this? Bábá́ says, “Judicial proof “– who is the person beyond this nefarious work? So we wanted a judicial enquiry, “Judicial Proof”.

Then the Government, then the Indira government, because she was not in the position to, she never gave an opportunity to express ourselves or to place the fact before the public, what is the thing? She suppressed this thing, she didn’t instituted enquiry, then BÁBÁ  was compelled to go on fast, from 1st of April, 1973 and HE continued HIS fast upto 1st August 1979, then somebody corrects 1978. Sorry.

So five years, four months and one day, HE (BÁBÁ) continued HIS fast, So these things, actually – now BÁBÁ says, “I wrote a letter to the President of India that I know, who are the black hands who are working from behind the curtain”.

Several letters were written, and several things you know, many things happened, you know many things like self immolations, so that education, BÁBÁ  says, “so many boys and so many girls died”. So inspite of that many things have happened, any way we were not knowing, how to celebrate this particular day, this 12 February.

Then we sat together and asked that how and what do we call this very day. What will be the name of this particular day, and we came on this conclusion that, these day will be celebrated has, in the name of “Niilakanta Divas”.

So we were celebrating, since 1973, and we were continuing, so we were not having the proper guidance, proper in which way we can celebrate it.

So today I just asked BÁBÁ , how to do it, and you people will decide how to celebrate, when we didn’t gave proper reply to BÁBÁ , then HE HIMSELF told why you will do fasting, you’ll have to show your “Sentient Anger” and not just go on fasting or something like that, then HE told that you’ll have to give the reply that, if somebody has poisoned you, then you’ll have to show some, then BÁBÁ  says, “ Give the reply in a subtler way”, give the reply in a subtler way, giving them the “Amrta”, Bábá  says, “Amrta means Nectar”.

So whatever you will be taking, we are taking good food, the better food, you can give to the needy person on this very day, whosoever he may be, whether he is a margii, avadhuta, or acarya. If avadhuta or acaryas or wholetimers, having not money, then BÁBÁ  says, Avadhuta have got no property, no personal property, they’ll have to raise funds, they’ll have to collect and buy something and then feed to the people.

BÁBÁ says, collect from begging, In this way we can celebrate this day of Niilakanta Divas.

BÁBÁ says, you all shall agree, what? They say, Yes BÁBÁ, Yes BÁBÁ.

Then somebody shouts, “Parama Pita BÁBÁ  ki Jai”.