TASMA’D DHARMA SADA’KARMA – WHAT IS MYSTIC-VADA?[purely Original Hindi Discourse]


Date Unknown, unknown place but in INDIA

{THIS DISCOURSE WAS translated by me and if any thing not understood, it is sole fault of me, be tolerant like that of a grass…ok}

As the fire characteristics(dharma) is to burn, if fire comes in contact with any object, it will burn that thing.

Suppose if it doesn’t burn that thing, then it cannot be said to be fire, it is not a fire then, yes we could say, it is some thing other than fire, because it doesn’t burn things like fire, so it is not fire.


You take bathe, you don’t take bathe for 24 hours. No, so bathing is a karma(action), but not sada karma(mandatory action).

Whereas Dharma is Sada karma(mandatory action).

Tasma’d dharma sada’karma, tasma’d dharma sada’dharma.

This itself is Manava dharma, so man’s dharma(characteristics) is what?

To do Sádhaná of Paramapuruśa, if anybody gets drifted from these, then may be he/she may be some other living being, that’s alright but he/she is not a man.

Whether it happens like these, you all tell me? Tell, what? Bábá is asking in Angika.

You must remember these fact. Bábá says in English.

Then Bábá speaks in Angika and I am translating that part also.

We are all humans, we must live like a man.

That is, we must live like human, and die like a human.

Do you all understand.