WHAT IS BRAHMAVIJIṊÁNA?[purely Original Discourse]


21 February 1979, Bhopal, INDIA

(translation is done with utmost care, do understand, follow in real life as well, if time go through electronic low L grade version)


Dharma Sádhana is something, there is no barrier(thought) about age and if at age of 5 or 6, one starts that will be the best choice. If at all one lives for a longer period, then one got ample time to perform Sádhaná. If at all by misfortune, if one dies at very early age, still it never matters as one started Dharma Sádhana since childhood because whatever time one was alive one could practice Sádhaná.

Tacca dharmah samudbhútah, Tasmáddharmah sadákáryah”, It is mandatory for every man to practice dharma Sádhana, whether one is old, young, rich, poor, pandita(scholar), foolish, man, women or anybody it may be.

You all know, Dhruva named boy was a great devotee, a devotee of Narayana.

At very early age of life, at age of 5 years started practicing by sitting in Sádhaná. At this early age practicing Sádhana by Dhruva was seen by other great devotees, these great, great devotees, were fearful and very much disturbed that these young devotee will surpass because he started Sádhana at very early age and later in coming days when he is grown older, he will do far more greater Sádhana.

Narayana what HE did, HE said to Narada, go and test that what type of devotee he is? Narada reached there, you are still a child, why are you doing Sádhana at this early age, when you are grown up and old, then you can do Sádhana.

Then the child said the same words, “not all will grow old even one may die very early in life, when I will grow old and why I have to wait for such a long? It will not be an intelligent way of a man, and other thing this man’s body, we have got is a very rare thing, in this world there are many variety of living creature like moving and non-moving, but there is one great disadvantage is that there is less buddhi(intellect) and so they are not able to understand the significance of Sádhana, but I have got this human body, and I know the utility value of this body and why I have waste the time?

Narada jii whatever you said, it is not at all proper?

You are grown up and older, then why you have to mis-guide?

You must not do these.

Kaomára ácaret prájiṋah dharmán Bhágavatániha;
Durlabhaḿ mánuśyaḿ janma tadapyadhruvamarthadam.

In this world of ours, how many living creatures exist, but this body of human is very rare and it is not so easily available, after crore of years, slowly and slowly through clashes and cohesions, this body of humans we get, it is very rare, with this rare human body, even it is still more rare if the human body practices Sádhana and become very sacred.

By Sádhana if that particular human body which has been sanctified by realization of Paramátmá is far still rare, “Durlabhaḿ mánuśaḿ janma tadapyadhruamurthadam”.

Human body is very rare(Durlabhaḿ ), but the body which is meaningful, that is, the body which is completely meaningful and mulayavan(sanctified) man’s body is still more rare, so Narada as early in age as possible if one does, let him follow this path of Sádhana, so that time is not wasted and wastage of time is not a intelligent man’s life.

Durlabhaḿ mánuśaḿ janma tadapyadhruamurthadam”.

So it has been said,

Sukhaḿ váiṋchati sarva hi tacca dharma samudbhútah;

Tasmáddharma sadákárya sarvavarńae prayatnatah.

Sarvavarńae” – means the intellectuals, those who are intelligent, who are scholars in reading and writing, they themselves realizes from this very moment, from now onwards, right at this time, they have to start dharma Sádhana.

Those who are not intellectual, not good in reading and writing, very less well-read for them who are heroic people or kśatriyas by nature, they represent kśatriya varna, that means they represent color of red, they must also feel the necessity to start Dharma sádhaná, why?

the physical strength of man as well as the capacity of man, at a special point will have to stop, it has to reach a point and has to disappear.

So those who are not intellectual and heroic, for them also Dharma Sádhana is mandatory.

Who are the third class, vaeshya varna, means business-minded people, who does business, runs shops and vendors, does cultivation & agriculturing, whatever wealth & property, individual and collective they possess, it will not be remain with them till their last, one will have to leave here only and go. One must and should understand that all these societies wealth which is under his/her possession, never remains forever, and only thing which remains is what?

“Eka eva suhrda dharma nidhane apyanutatiyah – For a man there is only one real friend, dharma, even after nidhan, even after death will remain together, so let us take that with us, so to take that with us means along with mundane work(jagrtika karma), we have to practice dharma Sádhana.

Then what is left over? Who is that?

Shudra varna, the labour class, those who with their body works tirelessly for their livelihood, they must remember that the physical body what one has attained, is by the grace of Paramátmá, but when this body is given up, then one may get other body, but there is no assurance whether one gets the same human body, it may be body of dogs, goats, cow or what not, one may get.

So that one must not reborn to such degraded life, it is also mandatory for them to take ideation of Parama Puruśa, practice Sádhana of Parama Puruśa, do dhyana of Parama Puruśa, so it said that “Tasmád dharma sadákárya sarvavarńae prayatnatah”.

Those who have whatever standard of living and decree of capacity, it is for every human being, that one has got the physical body of man, so that it is their bounden duty to do Sádhana everyday and it is mandatory.