VEDAS COMPOSITION[purely Original Discourse]


5 April 1979, Patna, INDIA

{here again the kula and shiila addicted persons have misinterpreted the discourse with their whims to distort, so what to do with such silly editors …. u c ..}

I don’t trust that some may mis-utilize this rare discourse about “VEDAS”, so i deleted. This is original discourse from Beloved BABA, Amulya jii is explaining as for Baba’s advice, but I am not mentioning his lines but only from Bábá’s description which will be continued…if i change my mind.

On Prout & Sadvipras
Baba talked about Prout  too in the darshans. He was one time saying,  that present human society is currently guided by the logic of the Fish Society. “
Big Fish eat small fish”. He said both capitalism and communism follow this logic.
[“Serpents are exhaling venom everywhere. The sweet gospels of peace sound like empty mockery. That is why on the eve of my departure from this world, I send out a clarion call to those who are preparing in every house to fight against the demons in human form.”
Serpents are exhaling venom everywhere. Now at this critical juncture, should we go on preaching the gospels of peace? No, no, no, no! So, before my departure from the world, said Rabindranath, I have made the necessary preparations for the fight against these demons. Do you all follow? What Rabindranath said 60 years ago is also true in this last portion of the twentieth century.
20 October 1990, Calcutta]
Baba warned against “polished satans” who were controlling society .
Capitalists, Intellectuals and politicians,etc.. who launched intellectual extravaganza and look like humans and acted very polished but were actually guided by animal logic and behavior underneath.
I remember Baba asked me if I new the difference between a sadhaka and a sadvipra. I said, no Baba. Baba explained that a sadhaka is one who does spiritual practices and service and follows and good conduct. A sadvipra is a sadhaka who protects other sadhakas.
He or she is a fighter and a protector, a dharma warrior.
HE then asked one avadhuta to stand up. HE proceeded to explain the significance of the knife or staff which was part of the original uniform of the Acarya, HE prescribed and designed ( similar to the sikhs).
Bábá said that the reason for the knife was, it was  to symbolize the sadvipras readiness to fight and protect the sadhakas. HE looked at me and said” Do you understand my boy”.