1971, December, Patna, INDIA

{transliterated with utmost sincerity and tried my best to keep the spirit of what Baba’s wants to convey in this discourse… go through}

In ancient times, the kavi’s name was not poet.

Kavi name was actually known as “Satya drsta Rsi”.

Now in this modern age, the Saḿskrta word kavi is known to be “poet”.

Itikathá(history), means the recorded notes of chronological events; that is, the proper recorded notes of events which took place in order; and Itihása what does it means?

The history or portion of Itikathá means the recorded notes of events in proper way, which is known as history.

Then Itihása what was it?


Gayásura said, “So that people should know that the two feet of the Lord is always in the heart of a devotee, whether they are good or bad.” Then Viśńu did keep his feet on his heart.

Then Viśńu said, Gayásura  soon tell me what was the second condition, because you are already getting turned till the heart, and now Gayásura  said you know Viśńu, whenever anybody comes to your take your shelter that is to the two feet’s of yours, then you must assure to give them mukti and moksa in all condition. Then you promise me, yes I shall promise that whoever whether they desire for it or not, they must all get it.

Till here, Gayásura turned into a stone, that is from the throat, there is no voice coming out, till here, and Viśńu said, please tell me soon, tell me what you want to say, the third and last condition was, “if even though anybody having the Lord�s feet in their heart fails to get mukti-moksa (liberation-salvation), then this petrified Gayásura will again become a living Gayásura.”

Lord Viśńu said Tatahastu that is agreed to it.

This story is very beautiful, and its spirit is very wonderful.

What was the spirit here is that in the devotees heart, always there resides Bhagavan and sure, HE remains without fail.

Whether the devotee may be “good or bad”, Bhagavan will never forget and see that, irrespective of good or bad, that He shall do the duty towards them in all possible and impossible ways.

As to the second condition, if at all anybody comes under the shelter of His two feets, then one shall get liberation and salvation, as it is a very small thing for Him, and third thing is that to withhold the promise of that boon, whoever has come to His shelter, one shall get mukti-moksa(liberation and salvation) without any iota of doubt and it is guaranteed.

So that in this world the devotees must never get perturbed in any, condition and live without fear.