THE HIGHEST PINNACLE OF DEVOTION[purely Original Hindi Discourse]


18 November 1978, Patna, INDIA

{this is a purely Original Hindi discourse translated by me, but it seems that it needs more polishing, till i revise it, go through….}

Now in Sádhaná Marga(the path of Intuitional practice), about the requisite of devotion, let me talk concisely regarding these topic.

Everybody knows that these Jiṋána, Karma and Bhakti – all these three, in Sádhaná marga, all these three helps in progress, but these Jiṋánii(intellectuals) will reach the goal, but still there remains a little distance, whereas these karmii will reach still more nearer to the goal, but still there also remains some distance gap, but with a devotee, he reaches exactly where the goal is to be.


Átmajiṋánaḿ vidurjiṋánaḿ jiṋánanyanyáni yáni tu;

Táni jiṋánávabhásáni sárasya naeva bodhanát.

All other knowledge is only the shadow of knowledge.

Umbra and pre-umbra of knowledge, not the original knowledge(Bábá speaks this sentence in english)

And if according to a videhii(rituals), it is to be done like these, these ringing of bells, then to light the oily lamps, these all outwardly extravaganza/paraphernalia – even in these, a devotee will experience happiness that there is ringing of bells, drums, kiirtan is going on, and his attention will be on the singing that by this hearing, my Prabhu(Supreme Lord) will be in Bliss, but a devotionless person is not thinking about Prabhu(Supreme Lord), instead he is thinking about the instruments, while thinking about instruments, he will become the instrument, if in a person in whom, there is too much fond of money, there is no attraction for Paramapuruśa, but he has lust for money, then what he does become, in somebody’s pocket, he shall become a leather money bag, he becomes money bag, because he needs money, money, money, or in some merchants safe cash box, even this videhii bhakti(ritualistic devotion) or external paraphernalia, ultimately it will never begets Paramarthika(absolute) fulfillment also.

Then Japa, Japa kriya also is not fruitful. While doing Japa, during this process of Japa(chanting) is also futile because while repeating the incantation one is thinking about a case to be lodged against somebody or to invest one and half lakh money in business, and again continues the Japa.[laughter]

So the mind is not towards Paramapuruśa, because there is no devotion. So for such a person, the Japa becomes wasteful.

Even he is doing meditation, while sitting in meditation, the person is thinking about a house, which is supposed to be constructed, still not yet constructed, on which side the drawing room will be and where will the different rooms will be located. This type of thinking is going on while sitting in meditation. This is not the proper path.

There is only one path, that is the path of devotion.

What is the goal of this path of devotion?

From Parama Puruśa what to ask and what not to ask?

Not to ask for something or to get something.

There is devotion for Paramapuruśa, so I do service to Paramapuruśa, why?

Only to give Paramapuruśa happiness, only to give Paramapuruśa bliss. Only by giving bliss to Paramapuruśa, I get the bliss, that’s why.

Even the more great devotees, even greater, even more greatest devotees, what type of thinking goes on with them?

With the Paramapuruśa, I shall do devotion, I shall do the service, why?

Not for my sake, so that I may get Bliss, not for that sake, but I do the service, I do the devotion, why?

With my devotion, with my service, let Paramapuruśa get Bliss, to give HIM bliss, not to get bliss for myself.

This is the highest form of devotion.

To give bliss to Paramapuruśa, the Saḿskrta phrase, what it is, Gopáyate yah sa gopah.

Those who give Bliss to Paramapuruśa, they are called as “Gopa”.
This is the highest pinnacle of devotion.

There is no other alternative, other than this path.