“1969, 22 APRIL – SAMÁDHI”

STAGES OF SAMÁDHI{typed only a part of purely Original Discourse}


22 April 1969, Manila, PHILLIPHINES

Virtue and Vice are temporal Entities.

These things have got nothing to do so far as a man’s relationship with the Supreme Father is concerned.

Suppose several boys are moving along a particular road and a particular boy fell in the drain, his dress, his body, became dirty; other people, passers-by, will laugh at him, but when the father will see his boy in that condition, what he is to do?

Will he laugh at his own son? No, no, no.

What he will do?

He himself will go there, into the drain, and what he is do, take his boy in his own lap, and clean his dress, clean his clothes, clean his body; and after that he will say, “My boy, you should walk carefully.

Sinning persons are just like those boys in the drain. Clear !

Now, up or low, upgraded or degraded, all are equal, all are equal for HIM, because the heaven is HIS creation, the hell is HIS creation.

If we say that HE is only in the heaven, it won’t be a correct utterance, because HE is in hell also.

HIS sons, HIS daughters, are never alone.

Even HE is with you in the hell.

What you are to do?

You are always to remember that you are the child of a Great Father.

You must not think that you are a Sinner, you are a degraded person.

If you think that you are a Sinner, it means you are Meditating on sin!

And when sin has become your Object of Meditation, actually you will become a sinner, because man becomes just like his Object of Ideation, Object of Meditation.

If you always Meditate on sin, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner,” actually you will become a sinner.

The Psychological approach is, you should forget it – even if you are actually a sinner, you should think, “I am the son of a Great Father, I am the son of a Great Father, I am the son of a Great Father.”

And thus you are Meditating on the Great Father, and a day is sure to come when you will become one with your Great Father.

To think, “I am a sinner, I am a sinner, Oh Father, save me ! Oh Father, save me,” is a defective approach!

You should say, “I am your son, I am your son, Oh Father, take me on your lap, I am your son, I am your son.” This should be the approach.

You should forget what you do not want.

Now in the phase of Creation, the first point of Creation is called “Shambhúliuṋga”.


That is, it is the stage of Non-Attributional Consciousness.

It is the Supreme stage of Yaogic Sádhaná’. It is the Supreme Stance for a Yogi.

Now by dint of Sádhaná’, one is to arouse and exalt that Sleeping Divinity. that Svayambhúliunga becomes one with Shambhúliuṋga.

But for this one requires Divine help.

And I know one is sure to get Divine help.

And I know further that one is getting Divine help.

And I know still further that in future, for Infinite time and Infinite space, one will be getting this Divine favor.

And you are all Sádhakas.

You will certainly attain that Supreme Stance and enjoy that Divine Blessedness.

You are sure to enjoy it, my Sons and my Daughters.