Date & Place Unknown, INDIA

[By Beloved Baba's grace, i could do these below translation hearing the original recordings, don't go through because many discourses are not made available for you by these AM publication editors due to .... and there is no solution whatsoever to hear such discourses before all us will perish, so that the unknown date and place discourses especially Hindi or not of Vedic or Aryan discourses{Emanation - Discourse 20 - SC} which can be rendered properly in electronic version or in AM publication books]

yo vijñᾱne tiṣṭhan, vijñᾱnᾱd antaraḥ, yam vijñᾱnaṁ na veda, vijñᾱnaṁ yasya śarīraṁ, vijñᾱnam antaro Ya vijinana ya madhye esa ta ᾱtmᾱntaryᾱmy – yah manasi sthita, manasoantarah, yam manah veda, manah yasya shariram, manah antaro ya, manah ya madhye esa ta atmantaryamy.


Ayámátmá sarveśáḿ bhútánám madhvasya

Sarváńi bhútáni madhuh.

Idaḿ mánuśam sarveśáḿ bhútánám

Madhvasya mánuśasya sarváńi bhútáni madhu

Then what do you see, that these Atma, in this universe, in every being it is very much sweetful, madhura hai, sweetful.

In every being, in every Atma, this Atma is also sweetful, madhura hai.

Then what is it, synthesis, synthetic approach.

Then what do you see,

Yaha deva agnaho, yaha deva apasvaho, yaha vishvam bhuvam adhivaesya, adhivaesya diisyo, yaha vanaspatisyo tasmin ya devah namo namah.

Only one Paramapuruśa, who exists in fire, in water, who has covered all the layers of this universe, even in all shrubs, plants, HE is present and even in large and huge trees, HE exists, for HIM I do my salutation.

Everybody are HIS progeny.

So for this humanity, only this synthetic approach, this word of spirituality, this word has to be said, only to save humanity, these itself is the solution, by meetings, by conferences, this work cannot be done.

So humanity’s well wishers( grhiis, acaryas and avadhutas), what must be one’s choice, what should be their first duty – Dharma ka pracar, Pracar of Spirituality, Paramapuruśa ki mahima ka pracar, and what must be the second duty then, to fight against the papa shakti, that force which is based on materialism, those forces which takes man towards analytical approach, those forces which creates differences amongst one another, to fight against these forces.

When you make effort for synthetic approach, whenever your effort is to bring many into one, whenever you make effort to bring all towards Paramapuruśa, then what will you see, there will be the analytical intellect, analytical buddhi, what does it do?

It will fight against you, in that fight you must have courage and move ahead, the victory will be yours, why?

Your approach is towards whom?

Your movement is towards whom?

Paramapuruśa, that is towards One, moving towards One, bhavanayam siddhi – towards which movement are you heading, what is your ideation, the ideation is of HIM, that is what you are thinking, Paramapuruśa you are thinking, when you are thinking about Paramapuruśa, then always there is Paramapuruśa shakti working through you, and during this struggle, you shall be victorious, victorious ever always.

So you must remember, that your approach is synthetic, not and never analytic.