SAMBHÚTI AND MAHÁSAMBHÚTI{partly typed purely Original Hindi Discourse}
July 1967, DMC, Delhi, INDIA
(Translated from Original Hindi Discourse by me, this discourse in Electronic edition & AM publication book has been very wrongly transcripted and u can’t understand the real sense of how & what Baba reveals in the phenomena of “Advent of Mahasambhuti”, BABA explains the true idea of “WHO is Sambhúti and who is Mahásambhúti”, that is if one understands, Sambhuti and Vinasha together, then only can one understand – ‘WHO IS MAHASAMBHUTI’,  so go through this discourse properly with full concentration, dedication, commitment to know your Beloved BABA,  if any unknown mistake during transcription, it is sole fault of me)

Regarding Sambhúti and Mahásambhúti I will say something. As per Sadhakas saying, firstly, they all didn’t know or they didn’t get chance to hear because of not fixing the proper date. There was the complaint about this. {BABA wants to confirm some mis-communication to margiis about HIS discourse “Sambhúti and Mahásambhúti”, regarding place and time}.

In relation to Sambhúti and Mahásambhúti I will say something.

It is in the Vedas,

Sambhútiiṋca vináshaiṋ ca yastadvedobhayaḿsaha;
Vináshena mrtyuḿ tiirtvá saḿbhútyá mrtamashnute.

What is Sambhúti?
It has been said that in order to get to know Mahásambhúti, it is indispensable to understand what is Sambhúti and what is Vinásha.


Sam – bhú + ktin suffix – Sambhúti, it means “proper development, proper evolution”.
Iishvarakot́i is also a particular especial expression of Paramátmá.
But that is not a Sambhuti.
In ordinary parlance people erroneously term Iishvarakot́i as Avatára(Incarnation). As a matter of fact, even the Jiivakot́i is also Avatara(Incarnation) but in the Iishvarakot́i there is a more advanced expression.

In ancient times man imagined Paramátmá’s advent, according to the evolution of life on this earth. For instance, the first expression of life was the form of the aquatic animals. Thereafter came creature who could live in water as well as land.

Further evolution led to creatures who lived on land. Then came animals other than man. Thereafter came man. Then gradually came more and more developed forms of man in Jiivakot́i and Iishvarakot́i .
A poet of the middle ages has expressed Paramátmá’s expression with this idea in a beautiful poem.

But you will mark that regarding Shiva and Krśńa, it is never mentioned that Shiva Bhagavan is an Avatara, Krsna Bhagavan are Avatara, it cannot be said.
For Rama it has been said has Avatara.
Then the most important thing is that this Shloka states that “Keshava came in these forms” “keshava dhrta – rupa”, which implies that Keshava Himself is not an incarnation/avatáras. Whether it is clear.
Shiva and Krsna cannot be termed to be an Avatara. Why?

Shiva and Krśńa are Mahásambhútis. They came to adjust the de-arrangement in the world of Sambhútis.

Mahásambhúti will have unlimited flow of Vidya(Intellect), Buddhi(Wisdom), Medha(learning) and in any other thing, there will be no comparison amongst Sambhúti at all.

Through a method of persuasion, by making a new system, by threatening and punishment. He will create a solid new World order.

Mahasambhuti came about 7000 (seven thousand ) years ago on this Earth has Shiva, Sadáshiva. He was a Mahasambhuti. Thereafter, about 3500 years ago Krśńa was also a Mahásambhúti.
The existence mahásambhúti happens, when there is an disorder in Sambhuti, for adjusting to a proper place. Do you understand.
When Paramátmá is present in the form Mahásambhúti, HE is not to be called Incarnation/Avatára.

Even common men do not call HIM so. As has been said above, every Sambhúti is an Avatara, even an ant is an Avatara. We cannot call kalávatára, aḿshávatára and khańd́ávatára, for that sake, HE is to be called Taraka Brahma.

“Trae” root and “Nak” Pratyaya – Taraka. i.e., whatever bondages came in the world in the last 3,500 years – all evil tendencies (kusamskara) ; all bad traditions and evil ways which hampered the progress of society, even the movement of progress was halted. To fight against all this and to liberate the people from all these bondages, Brahma had to appear in a special way whose name is called Táraka Brahma.

……………, Sambhuti and Mahásambhúti is clear. Today it became too much.