18 May 1979 evening, Eckenroth, GERMANY


So HE is the Parama Purus´a, that is, the “Great Lord”, around which your pure “I”, your nave of all your Expressions and Existences are moving is Parama Purus´a. Is it clear?

So you are not an Ordinary girl.

You are the glorified expression of that Parama Purus´a.

Don’t think that you are made of a few bones and flesh.

You are something above it.

Could all of you follow? A little.

The question was, Kusumita’s question was, What is abstract?

And Kusumita has learnt so many things.

It is the, that’s why I say, wherever there is any movement in Material stratum or in Abstract stratum or even in Astral stratum, the root, the rudimental Entity, is the Parama Purus´a.

Because your pure “I”, your Nave of Existence, came out from that Supreme Parama Purus´a.

And that’s why HIS Existence is called “Noumenal Existence” and yours is

Phenomenal Existence”.

Noumenal” is a very old German word. It means “the Final

Cause”, “the Original Cause” – “Noumenal”.

Parama Purus´a is your Noumenal Cause and you are HIS Phenomenal Expression.

Phenomenon in English it is also used.

Phenomenon” – singular; “phenomena” – plural.

The “Noumenal” — old German term; Remember it is neither

Latin nor Greek.

HE is what? Your Existence is what, and HIS Existence is what?

HIS is Noumenal and yours is phenomenal.

HIS is Noumenal, Noumenal cause for the entire Universe, HE is a Singular entity, that Parama Purus´a.

Everything cometh from that Singular entity – HE is the Noumenal.

In phenomenal level there are so many expressions, so many entities.

He is the common Father of all Phenomenal Expressions.

HE is Parama Pita´.

Pita´ – the Sam´skrta root term, Old Sam’skrta root term is “Pitr”. “Pitr” means “Father”.

From “Pitr”, in nominative case it becomes “Pita´”.

Could all of you understand? What I said?

Ma´dhava, could you? Tried

Trying or you tried. Very Good. I also tried.

Yours is a Noumenal expression, yours is Phenomenal expression?

Yours is Phenomenal or Noumenal, Your expressions are of Noumenal nature or Phenomenal nature, Yes Phenomenal and HIS is Noumenal.

Yes, you are His Phenomenal expression, because you have got the sense of a separate Identity.

You always think, “I am Dr. Sudhir Pathak, I have come from India” – like this.

But HE thinks, “I am”.

Each and every phenomenal expression is within HIS Mind. So for HIM there is no Second Entity.

And that’s why I told you HE cannot hate anybody.

Because everybody is within the scope of that Noumenal Entity. Do you follow?

Within the scope of Infinite space, and without the scope of Infinite space, HE is the Singular Entity.

So nobody is outside HIM.

So HE is the only Goal. HE is the only Desideratum, and for HIM you say, “Ba´ba´ Na´m Kevalam”.

That is, “I am taking the name of that Singular Noumenal Entity.”

Kevalam” – Only the name of that Noumenal Entity because HE is the only Noumenal entity and there is no second Entity.

So there is no other alternative but to move and dance and sing Round HIM, just like the Earth, Saturn and Mars are moving and dancing around the sun. Do you follow?

And this also should be translated into German and who will do it?

This is a very sweet subject.

For “Matter”, the Sam´skrta term is “Jad´a”, and

for “Abstract” the Sam´skrta term is “Bha´va”, and

for “Astral” the Sam´skrta term is “Sa´ma´nya”, and

for “Noumenal” is “Mu´laka´ran´a” or “Cakra-Nabhi”.

Now the little girl has learnt so much…laughter

Now I hope this Kiirtana, “Ba´ba´ Na´m Kevalam,” will give you still more pleasure.